flags, freedom and friends

We love this quote from Bob Marley and we thought it was perfect for Memorial Day. These are just a few pictures of how we celebrated the day. I don't wanna brag, but our Memorial Day was exceptional and I really hope yours was as well. We started the day straight chillin' with our bestie, Grace and then we went to a bbq at our friends house. Then we went to another friends' house, but this time we watched a movie outside! How cool is that?! We watched Wet Hot American Summer which is hilariously silly. 

We felt especially warm & fuzzy this holiday. I think we just had one of those moments where we were like, dang we have a good community going here. Most of our friends have come from our church and neither of us has ever really experienced community quite like this. First, God is right in the middle of everybody which is what makes this group of people stand out. When God is in the midst of relationships, anything is possible. Sacrifice and selflessness just flow naturally. Anyway, we love our peeps and we know we are blessed more than we deserve. 
 photo MemorialDay1_zps24108bd3.jpg photo MemorialDay2_zps60dba407.jpg photo MemorialDay5_zps3c5c35f3.jpg photo MemorialDay3_zpsb47c5576.jpg photo MemorialDay7_zpsd0c60a1f.jpg photo MemorialDay4_zps1f7d2b85.jpg

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