living room things

Well, we've been talking about sharing photos of our house on the blog for a while now. It just always seems like there is something unfinished. So we decided to start with our living room because it is the one room that is practically done. If I had to pick one thing in this room that is my favorite piece, it'd definitely be the flag. Or.... the rocking chair. That's a tough one. Casey bought the flag before we even moved in and it's just the best. But the rocking chair, it's real deal vintage. And my favorite chair to be in. Anyway, most of our stuff came from Goodwill or the Nashville Flea Market over this past year. A few things were purchased elsewhere and I'll note where those things came from.

Black and White American flag tapestry: Urban Outfitters

Lamp: c/o

Our succulent collection just keeps on growing. Luckily, everyone is still alive.

xo, Savannah


  1. Beautiful decor! How comfy does your sofa look?!

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. love how you used not only the inside of the crates but also the top & side to put books and stuff! cool idea (and living room!)

  3. Love your living room! I love the Nashville influences, too. :)


  4. Beautiful, beautiful decor you've got there! I'm loving all the earthy colours in your place.

  5. Your living room is so lovely!

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