A Fruit Cocktail Cocktail

We made this drink for one of our friend's weddings about a month ago. They had an outdoor wedding and a party in the same backyard afterward. It was a lot of fun! We wanted to bring a cocktail that was simple but refreshing, and this accomplished exactly that. It's delicious, so drink 'em slow. ;)
This particular cocktail was made using green apple vodka, riesling and lemonade. You literally just mix all of these bottles together and serve over ice. How easy is that? You can pick whatever your favorite wine is, and whatever fruit flavor vodka you want as well. I guess you could even use a different juice. Get crazy. But, these are the perfect measurements!
Also, we had to serve this cocktail in our awesome new pineapple cups from Goodwill. I basically want to drink everything out of them now that we own them.
Fruit Cocktail
- 12 oz. Flavored Vodka
- 1 Bottle White Wine
- 1 Bottle Lemonade

Directions: Combine all ingredients and serve chilled, over ice!

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