summer bucket list

They say it's going to be the hottest summer yet. Don't ask who "they" are as I could probably never find that article again. I think it was on the weather channel, but who cares. It's officially summer today! Hottest summer ever or not, we have plenty of things that we want to do this summer, so we compiled a list. Have we ever mentioned that we like lists? Maybe a little too much. Anyway, our Summer Bucket List contains plenty of ways to get hot, cool down and do it all over again. Enjoy.
I am SO excited about paddle boarding. The first time I went paddle boarding, it was on the ocean. And it was absolutely EVERYTHING. Like... I would buy a paddle board and do it every single day if that was financially feasible. It is not.
We've been trying to plan a group canoe trip since last summer it seems like......?? How hard is it? This summer it is ABSOLUTELY happening. Casey recently informed me that she tips her canoe every time that she goes out. So I will not be sharing a canoe with her.
It is such a good feeling to know where your food comes from. We could learn so much from other farmers and it'd be great to be reminded that there are many people out there doing it right. So we'd love to see what other people are doing in the Nashville area, big and small.
If you don't know what a CSA is... It's basically where you buy a "membership" type thing from a farmer and every week you get a certain amount of produce. Or it could be once a month. The terms are different for each farm and each farm probably has a few different options. Since we grow so many vegetables in our backyard, we are thinking more like joining a meat CSA. You can get together with some friends and share the meat. Because usually it is a good amount of meat. Like, a lot.
Smh. Another one of those things we have talked about doing plenty of time but never actually done. We love riding bikes. It's so relaxing and enjoyable, especially with company. Many of our friends have recently gotten bikes and it just seems necessary now for us to all go on a leisurely ride together. Yes. Happening.
You may be thinking "huh? Why do these grown adults want to go to a water park?" Liiiiiistennnnn.... it is a good time. Casey and I had season passes to Nashville Shores a couple summers ago and we went every single week. On Mondays. It was delightful. We'd mostly just lay out by a pool and swim every now and then. So it was more like having access to a pool. But if you want to ride a couple rides we won't judge.
They have so many of these around Nashville in the summer, fo' free. Ain't nothing wrong with free events. Nothing. Movies in the park are sooo fun. Just don't forget the bug spray and maybe some snacks.
Baseball games are such a good time. SUCH a good time. Especially when you go with fun people. I have to go to at least one Sounds game this summer. If we found ourselves in Atlanta randomly, I'd try to find my way to a Braves game. I've already seen the Rangers, but one game in a summer really isn't enough.
I hope to visit the Farmers Market more than once this summer. There are many here in Nashville so we may have to just make a point to see all of them at least once. It's such a great way to learn about new businesses and sample products. It's more than just fresh produce (which is great and amazing.) Most of the time there are local artisans or musicians. There is always something new to learn about. This is where local networking happens. This is where you meet and build community. It's the bomb.
Go see your favorite band. It'll be worth it, 100%. We are going to see Brandi Carlile with the Nashville Symphony. Couldn't be more excited, I need an emoticon right here!
11. HIKE
I want to hike a mountain. A small one, but a mountain nonetheless. Luckily there are mountains in Tennessee. Actually, I'd be fine hiking a very large hill. I just want to get to the top of something, preferably something with a beautiful view. Maybe a little sunset action? Maybe not, there's the whole have to hike back in the dark thing. Maybe I just need to add "watch sunsets" to this list.
The Nashville Flea Market is so dreamy. It happens one weekend a month and it always comes up so fast. But it is so good. We don't really ever need anything from there, but we go anyway. There are just so many awesome things. My favorite summer shirt came from there 2 markets ago. We got some cool leather too. All for really stinkin' cheap. Find one close to you and GO.
When tulips were in season we told ourselves that we HAD to go to Cheekwood to see all the tulips. Because apparently that is the best time to visit. Did we? No... see that is why we make these lists. So we can hold ourselves accountable when we don't follow through with all the stuff we like to talk about. And let's be honest, we'll be much happier when we actually check some of these things off.
We went for a drive a few months back and found ourselves out by Arrington Vineyards. So we stopped by and took some pictures and decided that we needed to go back with friends immediately. Picnic, wine and a beautiful view. Sounds like a perfect evening to me.
I keep thinking this is the one that we aren't going to get to check off because festivals are SO expensive. Fortunately, a friend of a friend is having a one day festival in their backyard. Local bands. This actually may be way cooler. Score.
Casey has been talking about going to Holiday World since the first day I met her. So we have to go if only to fulfill a dream of hers. hah! Kidding, it's not that dramatic. But maybe we will actually go.
I don't even care where we go. There's just something about a road trip that feels so free. It's nice to just drive away from your everyday life and explore something new. That's what I want from a road trip- something I've never experienced before.
Here is the thing about a pool and ladies. Ladies like to get a tan. Most of them. So in the day time, I want to be doing more laying out than swimming. So when it's night time, I am more likely to actually swim. But besides all that, it's fun to swim at night. Have a little sip of something and maybe play some games. Simple, yet fun.
Maybe let's not go camping on a concrete slab. Cool pic though. I just want to go camping. Maybe in the woods down by a river. Right after I drench myself in bug spray, of the natural sort of course. :)
Duh. Duh, duh, duh. You may think it's ridiculous to even mention this, but a summer just doesn't feel complete without a view of the never-ending horizon kissing the sunlit water. Too much? ehh.... nah. It's the beach!
Yep. That's right. A signature cocktail that sums up your summer perfectly in one sip!

Sorry about all the random capitalized words. Seemed necessary at times. I'm just excited for summer. Our friends are back from Haiti and we have deemed this summer "The Summer of Fun." I mean, we are getting bees today. BEES y'all. There's talk of getting a mini-cow. Who knows what will happen. Last year we made a 100 foot long slip-n-slide. That was pretty epic, but this year it's gonna be one for the books. I can feel it. So what is on your list? What did we miss??

xo, Savannah


  1. That all sounds AMAZING. Can't wait to see recaps of all the fun things you did! You should add "eat snowcones" and/or "eat watermelon". I'm all about the summer food!

    1. I almost put that on the list! What's weird is people aren't that into snowcones here... it's so upsetting! Like I met someone who didn't even know what a snowcone was. It ain't right!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is THE perfect summer bucket list! I can't wait to see how many you can complete!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  3. This all sounds great! I'm taking summer classes for both summer terms and just recently started a new job so I don't think I'm going to have time for anything that takes more than a day. Some of the things that I DO want to make time for are movies at the beach, relaxing at the beach, heading to Santa Monica pier for the arcade/rollercoaster and hopefully making a friend who has a pool.