brandi carlile

Last night we went to see Brandi Carlile with the Nashville Symphony. The concert was hands down one of the most exceptional musical performances I have ever experienced. Brandi's voice with the backing of a symphony was such a perfect pairing. Savannah and I both are suckers for strings so when all of the strings came in on the first song, I couldn't even breathe. We were captivated the entire show. I'm a talker and I usually will voice my opinions on what is happening during a concert, but this time I didn't dare utter a word. This was both of our first time hearing Brandi Carlile and going to the Symphony. At one point Savannah noted that not being able to hear this particular song played like this ever again is pretty heartbreaking. That is the beauty and tragedy of a great concert, so you just have to soak it up and be grateful you got to hear it at all. Anyway, I'm rambling... this is what we wore last night :) 
Savannah's wearing: Dress-Target//Kimono- Hey Wanderer// Shoes- Goodwill
Casey's wearing: Jeans- Free People//Kimono-Hey Wanderer// Tank- DIY// Wedges- Steve Madden 

XO Casey

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