diy: clay leaf imprint charm

We've been working with a lot of clay lately. Mostly because we are making a bunch of jewelry for the Hey Wanderer Pop Up Shop that we are having on Saturday. But in our brainstorming/ trying to be creative moments, Casey experimented with imprints. She pressed many different natural objects into clay and found what worked and what didn't. Leaves are definitely the best situation she found, for now. This is just a tutorial on how you make the leaf. We ended up putting a jump ring on it and adding it to a necklace, which is super easy to do. So go grab a leaf from your yard and read on!
Roll out some clay in the color of your choice. Roll it out until it is about 1/4 inch thick. We've found that this is a good width for clay shapes. We also use these cutting mats for clay projects but wax paper is really good for working with clay.
Place your leaf on the clay.
Gently roll the leaf into the clay. Just enough to make an imprint.
Use a butter knife to pull the leaf off carefully, you don't want to add any unnecessary marks. 
Admire your beautiful imprint.
Use an Xacto knife to carefully cut around the edges of the leaf.
Pull the excess clay up from the surface.
Use a sharp pointed object to make a hole in the top of the leaf if you want to use this as a charm. A toothpick would work nicely for this.
Place your leaf on a baking sheet. We use foil for easy removal and to keep the baking sheets from touching the clay. Bake in the oven at 275° for 20 minutes. For this part you should check your clay's packaging, all clays vary a little.
Once it has cooled, attach a jump ring to the clay piece and add it to another necklace or a piece of chain.
I like the way necklaces look when there are a few charms bunched together on the same chain. I might try this technique with a few things that we are making for the Etsy shop which you should check out. There are a lot of cool things over there!

xo, Savannah

Photos by: Nikki Berra/ Edited by: Savannah


  1. So cute and easy to make, great idea! xx

  2. This looks absolutely adorable! I love the idea!