diy: painted black and white photo

This project was a total experiment that went really well! Half of this tutorial is done on your phone. Apps are amazing little things. To complete this tutorial you will need the Afterlight app (or any app that will edit your photo and convert to black and white), the CamScanner app, a printer, mixed media paper, a few paint brushes and acrylic paint in the colors of your choosing.
Open up your Afterlight app.
Select the picture that you want to paint. This was a photo I took while walking downtown, nothing special, just some pretty flowers. Open the contrast tool and turn the contrast way way up.
Then make your photo black and white. I used the "raven" filter. Save the picture.
Now open the picture up in the CamScanner app and click the check mark.
It will convert your picture to a black and white photo, no gray tones. Save this photo and e-mail it to yourself.
Then print the photo on mixed media paper. This stuff is super thick, but should fit into your printer just fine. Also, this paper is good for painting on without causing rippling.
Start painting random white spots on your paper. I just did a few flowers in each color.
When you think you have enough color, let it dry and hang it up! Or frame it. Or just prop it up like we did, this paper is super thick after all.
xo, Savannah

Photos by: Nikki Berra/ Edited by: Savannah


  1. What an AWESOME idea! I love this, so simple but pretty!!

  2. This is such a cool idea! I never thought of using a phone before! I'm redecorating my room and this sort of thing would be very pretty in it!