these are a few of our favorite things

We were inspired by this post to share with you some of our current favorite things. Our list of favorites could go on forever, but we will only show you a few. The boots are the top are our favorite summer shoes. I know, they don't seem very summery, but we spend a lot of time in grass. So, these are better than sandals because it's harder for chiggers to get ya! We have chigger problem in our yard...
Current food obsessions.
Favorite jewelry creations. We've been busy making a bunch of jewelry (that will be in the shop soon) and these are the ones we love the best.
Favorite house plants. Our succulent collection is a little out of control, but it looks nice!
Current favorite bags. One of us has a thing for black fringe apparently...
Current favorite gum.
Current favorite lipstick. (Left: Candy Yum Yum by Mac/ Right: Red by Mary Kay)

Can you figure out which side belongs to who?

xo, Savannah


  1. Savannah left, Casey right? I have a 50/50 chance, I'm going to laugh if I get this wrong. :)