be bold

We found this delightful building while driving around in the middle of nowhere. We pulled in and sat in the front of the building for several minutes contemplating what to do. The building was adjacent to someone's home, but they weren't on the same property. We wanted to take pictures in front of the building so badly, but we thought it was presumptuous or rude or something to do it without asking. So we thought about asking for permission. Well, we took the bull by the horns and just went for it. What did we have to lose, right? We took pictures there for a good 30 minutes. A little boy came out and was playing in a stream that ran behind the building and the house next door. He said "hi" and that was it. The bogeyman didn't get us. No one yelled, and no one asked us to leave. Obviously, you can't always take this advice, but be bold. Take the picture in front of some random building. What's the worst that could happen?
Savannah's wearing: Dress- boutique in Florida/ Boots- Minnetonka/ Necklace- Hey Wanderer/ Bracelets- Urban Outfitters and misc.
Casey's wearing: dress- some little boutique in Destin, Fl//boots- Steve//necklace- DIY'ed


  1. I love old buildings like that. Looks like you had a lot of fun with this shoot. It's sad I can't get stuff like this around here but all the same - good news no boogey man popped out


  2. That's so awesome!! You both have adorable outfits on too, I love spontaneous finds like this building, just too cool!

  3. Loving all these photos! What an amazing location and opportunity! God Bless <3