inspired five: do what is right not what is easy

Recreate this: Friend photo
Make this: Vintage Linen Curtain
Eat this: Cheesy Mexican Corn Dip
Find this: A field of sunflowers

The good thing about the internet is that I always stay inspired. I can always find something I want to make, taste, try or somewhere I want to go. I love seeing what other people have created and what they have found on their adventures. It keeps me searching, it keeps me curious, and it keeps me doing. Here, I've narrowed it down to just 5 photos that have inspired either me or Casey this week. Maybe this will become a more common post because I really believe that it is just as important to be inspired as it is to inspire.

xo, Savannah

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  1. Love this post! I do something similar in my Five Things Friday posts...pick five random things that are inspiring me at the moment.

    Your blog is awesome and so uplifting to me. Please do post more of these! :)

    Love and light,