pray for Iraq

So maybe you've heard about what's going on in Iraq now and maybe you haven't. Read this article if you want more information. Basically the Sunni Muslims Iraq want to kill all the Christians, Shiite Muslims, and other religious minorities. They are beheading Christian children and putting their heads on stakes around town. They are raping. They are hanging. 300,000 Christians have fled and have been chased into the mountains. They are dying of thirst and starvation. To say this is horrible is an understatement. This is persecution that most American Christians can't comprehend and certainly have never experienced.

Yesterday was the first day I became aware of this crisis (this has been going on for about 7 weeks now) and today was the first day the weight of it really hit me. I felt this overwhelming concern that I didn't care enough and that the American Church has been too silent. This is our time to rally together and pray like we've never prayed before. These are our Christian brothers and sisters. Our connection is deeper than blood. We cannot sit here and carry on as if nothing is happening.

Suggested Prayer Points:
1) Pray to care. Maybe this seems silly, but I'm honestly way too wrapped up in my own problems to care about other people's problems- especially people I've never met and that are on the other side of the world. So first we must ask God to break our hearts for what breaks His. We cannot lose touch with others pain and suffering. There is no judgment here. If you feel nothing for these people, your first step is to ask God to help you love them and to care about their suffering.

2) Pray specifically. David Platt recently challenged people to pray for a Paul conversion for the leaders of those persecuting. Paul was too killing Christians and then he became one of the greatest leaders in Christianity of all time. He brought the gospel to the Gentiles. So lets pray for God to soften the hearts of those that are causing misery to others.

3) Pray for this persecution to not be in vain and that the Christian church would only expand in Iraq. We have plenty examples in the Bible where Christianity spread the most in the midst of persecution. Let's pray for a worldwide revival within the Christian church.

4) Pray for our world leaders as they make difficult decisions on how to respond to this crisis.

5) Pray for perseverance for those being persecuted. May they feel the power of our prayers. May they feel the peace of God with them. May they have hope.

Here is another article listing 5 things that you can actually do to help the people in Iraq. I highly recommend this article (keep in mind this article was written in the UK).

Whatever you do, please do something. Let us not forget the power of prayer. Let us be united in Christ and love one another. Also, I am currently researching organizations that are suitable for donations. I've only heard of a few non-profits in the UK taking donations for this specific cause. If you know of a reputable organization that is already on the ground in Iraq, please leave a comment.

Join me as I lament for the persecuted Christians in Iraq.


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