the social media breakdown

When I find a blog I like, or a company I like, I often immediately try to find them on instagram. I've realized that different people use instagram in different ways. Some people just straight up promote their blog, some people document their life and some people just take really cool pictures. This got me to thinking that it may be helpful if we let you know what we use all of our social media accounts for and what our intentions are for each. We mostly use each one for something different, so you can see what you are interested in following. Do you want to observe? Do you want to interact? Do you want to be inspired or see what inspires us? Read on and see how you can do exactly that.

This is where you can follow our blog. Bloglovin' is a great way to keep up with all your favorite blogs, in one spot! You will know every time we put a new post up and you can even "like" the posts, if you do in fact like them. This is great for us because we can see what y'all like the most. (You can follow us on Blogger too.)

This is where you can help us see how many of y'all dig our blog. I'm not gonna lie, we don't use Facebook too much. We will post things like articles we've read on our personal Facebook accounts, posts that we really like, little messages. It's a bunch of randomness. We are still trying to figure out if people really want us to use this more or not.

This is where we share little thoughts, sometimes (most of the time actually) not having to do with the blog. We tweet about things we think are funny, or just a simple thought. We will share links to posts that we are really excited about sometimes as well. And we also like to interact with people on Twitter so if you tweet us, we will probably tweet ya back!

This may be our favorite social media situation. This is where you will see what happens in our day-to-day lives. It's a ever-evolving carefully curated photo collection of the things in our lives that we find beautiful. In this crazy world, it is nice to have something like this that you can look back on and be reminded of all the good and simple things that have happened. And it's so much easier than printing out photos (although, we love printed photos too) and putting them in an album.

We use Pinterest a LOT. We will pin things from our blog every now and then, but we mostly just use it for things we like. We probably pin toooooo much. I have gotten lost in the dark hole of Pinterest one too many times. Our boards are also carefully curated but they are more for inspiration, not a documentation of things we've done.

On our tumblr, you will find ALL of our instagram photos and other things that we've reblogged from other people. It's kind of like a different version of Pinterest mixed in with instagram, we just don't use it as frequently.

Well, there's that. All the ways you can follow us and reasons why you should. As always, thanks for reading!

xo, Savannah

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