diy: affordable hang tags

For our festivals, we wanted to make sure that we were branded really well. We also wanted to make sure each clothing item had specific washing instructions, so we decided we needed some hang tags. This would also allow us to price each item accordingly. All of the tags we ordered cost $10 and we now have 500 of them (250 business cards cut in half.) Whoa nelly.
We ordered the business cards from Vistaprint. Now, you have to have your logo or whatever design you want on the tag. You will need to repeat the image twice in a business card size file. I did this in photoshop. I had two files, one with instructions on the back and the logo on the front with our website.
We ordered the "premium" business cards so the paper stock isn't flimsy. The business cards got cut before I got a picture of them in full size, but you get the picture of what they looked like.
Cut 'em down the middle.
Punch a hole in them.
Tie it to your clothing item! Super easy and affordable. The best kind of DIY!
We also used these to add our Hey Wanderer hashtag. Branding, branding, branding!

xo, Savannah


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  2. What did you use to cut your business cards? The cut is so perfect!