what was I thinking?!

So I'm gonna be really honest with you guys. I don't love what I'm wearing in these pictures. I don't like my hair, and I don't like my lipstick :/ I wore this outfit all day and thought it was the bomb dot com. I looked at my outfit in the mirror before I left the house, but when I was reviewing the pictures... well, I did not like what I saw. Also, I'm attempting to grow out my bangs because I've had straight across bangs for an eternity. Everyone tells me how much they like my bangs in the growing out process (except my mother. She wants me to have bangs), so I'm pressing on. However, looking at these pictures, I'm like blehhhh. Then, there is the dark purple lipstick. Again, I looked in the mirror after I put it on, but after I looked at the pictures.... I feel like it ages me. Anyway, I don't tell you these things so you can tell me that I'm crazy and say nice things. It was just a funny/strange/upsetting experience I thought I'd share. It makes me think I should snap a picture of myself before I leave the house. Have you ever had this happen before?
Kimono & shirt from Hey Wanderer

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