29 years, a tambourine and a waffle bar

Casey's birthday was a few days ago and to celebrate, we had a few friends over for a dinner party. We had a waffle bar and every guest brought something fun to put on waffles. It was pretty interesting to say the least.
We had maple candied bacon, regular bacon, white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, cherry whipped cream, regular whipped cream, cream cheese icing, fresh fruit, chili, nacho cheese, shredded cheese, chocolate sauce and hashbrowns. It may sound crazy and weird, but it was delicious and perfect. Casey is a little obsessed with waffles, hence the waffle bar.
We just set up an extra table in the dining room and hung up some lights to make it festive. A couple of days after her birthday, we hosted a Christmas Market at our house, which is why there is a Christmas tree present. Casey loves roses so of course those were in the arrangements on the table.
We have sing alongs/ jam sessions constantly at our house and Casey had been joking for a while about needed a tambourine so she could join in. Also, she loves Stevie Nicks. So for her birthday, she got a tambourine, and we broke it in real good. No like, we actually broke it.
(This is our quote wall. This doubled in size this night.)
Casey got herself an instax wide camera for her birthday so we took a lot of pictures with it. This is the first picture we took, and it's probably one of the best ones.
And this is what our house looked like at the end of the party, except times about 10. Oh and Casey wasn't really turning 29, that was just a joke. But it was a delightful and simple night.

Happy Birthday Casey!

xo, Savannah

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  1. Finally - another grown up girl who loves Stevie Nicks!!!!! I thought I was the only one. We should probably stick together! Happy birthday :)

    Zy www.day-drunk.blogspot.com