it's our blog-iversary!

I feel like 3 years deserves a bigger celebration, but things are so stinkin' crazy around here. So instead of physically celebrating, I thought we could look back on all the significant things that have happened this year with Hey Wanderer. I find it's very beneficial and encouraging to remember where you started, where you have been, and how far you've actually come.

1. We changed our blog name to Hey Wanderer and changed our mission.
2. I quit my job to pursue Hey Wanderer full time.
3. We tried to blog every day, but only successfully did that for one month.
4. We started making kimonos and selling them, and other things as well.
5. We bought our first full hide of leather.
6. We just had a Christmas market at our house with 10 vendors.
7. We got a serger this week, and our lives have been changed.
8. We are doing three shows this weekend selling Hey Wanderer merchandise.
9. We still haven't bought a chair that is suitable for sewing in all day.

I'm sure there are many many other things that haven't remembered, but we can always add to the list, or write another. We like making lists. :)

Happy Blog-iversary Hey Wanderer!
xo, Savannah


  1. So so proud of you!!! Happy blog-iversary!!

  2. A Happy blog-iversary and many many more :)

  3. Happy blog-iversary! more blog and posts to come :)