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Guys it's been too long... I hope this post finds you better than ever! There have been so many changes over here at Hey Wanderer headquarters (doesn't that make us sound important... having an HQ and all... really HW HQ is just our house :)). First, we have a brand new website which is beautiful if I do say so myself. As a result of that our blog address changed and it can also be accessed from the website. Hey Wanderer, the brand, is now making bell bottoms and soon you'll be able to buy t-shirts, dresses, and tank tops as well as kimonos. So exciting! 

Also, in even bigger news.... we are launching a Kickstarter campaign February 27. We are trying to raise at least $20,000 so we can expand Hey Wanderer and have someone make our clothes for us. We hope to sell our clothing at big festivals like Bonaroo. Savannah has been making all of our clothing up until now, but in order to keep growing we have to get some help. We have searched high and low for the right business to help us do that. Our clothing will be ethically made right here in the U.S. There will be more information coming on all of that soon.

Our big dream goal for Hey Wanderer is to have our own clothing manufacturing factory where we can hire underprivileged women. Savannah and I never started all of this to become rich or even make a name for ourselves. The blog came out of a desire to share our passions with other people. Hey Wanderer, the clothing brand, started very simply with Savannah making a kimono. Our friends wanted kimonos too and then before we knew it, Savannah was able to quit her job and make clothing for a living. To God be the glory! We quickly stepped back and said okay, what do we want to do with this? Without hesitation Savannah and I knew we wanted to create a brand that was much bigger than clothing. We even wanted to do more than just create ethical clothing. Our desire is for Hey Wanderer to be a vehicle to help change lives, so this is where the idea came to have our own clothing manufacturing factory. There is actually a huge need here in Nashville for such a service. Plus, our refugee and homeless populations are so high in Nashville. We hope to provide access to childcare and other programs, because we want to do more than give women jobs. Ultimately, God is the Master of all of this. So we wait for His guidance, wisdom, and direction. We have no idea what the future holds but this our dream! Join us in dreaming big! Your prayers are greatly appreciated. 

Keep an eye out on here and other social media platforms for more updates on our Kickstarter. We are filming our video in about a week and we are so excited to share the final result with you. We think it's gonna be pretty awesome. 


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  1. You guys!!! This is so incredible! I love what you are wanting to do and even more so am thrilled by how you want to do it. You have such wonderful hearts. I wish you ALL the best in achieving your manufacturer goals. You are totally going to rock this!!

    Love, light, and hugs!

  2. These photos are looking lovely :)

    Hannie at // CHAPTERS LIKE THIS //

  3. Hey! I mentioned you guys on my blog today for your fabulous design... I love your blog!

  4. This outfits are so beautiful. Oh, they must be so cozy....

  5. I have been a reader for you guys for quite a while now but I've been away so I haven't been able to check out the blog in a few months. I was so excited when I saw this right now! You guys are gonna do great!! I would definitely buy clothing from you gals!

  6. I have followed your wonderful, inspirational blog (almost) ever since the beginning, and I love everything the two of you stand for- first and foremost your love for the Lord. What you shared in this post is an incredible vision but I fully believe God will see you through. I have some contacts in the Jackson TN area that I think are in the position to contribute financially and I will make sure to share the Kickstarter campaign with them as well. I can't wait to see what happens. :) I will for sure keep you both in my thoughts and prayers as you begin this awesome journey!