baby hippies are actual tree huggers

Well guys, if you didn't already know, we started making children's clothing. We have bells and kimonos right now, but will have some new things next week. SO. EXCITED. One of the really fun things about making clothes (besides the fact that I can't handle their cute-ness) is taking photos of the clothing with actual children in them. It's just so stinkin' adorable! These photos are of a friend's daughter that I took on Thanksgiving Day (I spent the day with their family because mine is all the way back in Texas.)

Of course, this child has the perfect messy bun that I can never achieve.
Anyway, just wanted to share photos from the shoot with y'all, but now I also need to tell you a story about this picture. We went on a little walk around the neighborhood after Thanksgiving lunch and the girls (my friend has two) kept asking to go see "Sad-y". Like Sad (as in the emotion) + eeeeee. Turns out that "Sad-y" is a weeping willow tree that the girls named because it looks sad all the time. And so we went to see "Sad-y" and Kenadie ran up to it yelling "Sad-y!" and gave it a hug. And so I took a photo and now call this photo "actual tree hugger". *Insert cry-laughing emoji here*

Anyway, if you are interested in checking out our children's clothing, visit our website and see many more patterns and colors over there! We are currently having a black friday/ small business saturday/ cyber monday sale. Everything is 15% off, but when you spend $100 you get 25% off. Use code 'BLACKFRIDAY15' or 'BLACKFRIDAY25'!

xo, Savannah

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