before and after // attic common area

Today we are sharing the attic space that has now become the common area for Airbnb. When we moved in, the upstairs was VERY different. There was a half bath, a room and a BUNCH of closets. Richard knocked out three closets, put a wall up to make a second room and added a shower to make the bathroom into a full-sized bath. Our friend Angie painted every room upstairs AND the design on the stairs. I painted the mountain wall and built all of the wood bed frames and Casey and I decorated/DIYed everything else. This space was definitely a group effort.
These stairs were so so nasty before. They went through a two-step renovation process. First, we ripped up that nasty carpet to reveal nasty wood stairs. The stairs stayed in that condition for a while. We got the design idea from Pinterest and were pretty scared about doing white, but Angie sealed them a few times so they could take a beating. We have to clean the stairs pretty often, but their brightness has made such a huge difference. 
This is what you saw when you first walked up the stairs- a dark land of wood paneling. 
This is where the new wall went up to create another bedroom. We will have a whole post on that bedroom later to show you more details of the changes.
This before and after is kind of confusing because the closet on the left is the one that was actually ripped out. That is where the daybed is below. The closet on the right, and the window, still exist in the new room.
photo by Us

Richard ripped out the original railing/paneling because it really created such a dark and enclosed space. He installed these open railings with wires and Angie painted them. This is my favorite before and after shot of this room! Also, note the light fixture. We found the compass thing at a local antique store and knew we wanted it to be apart of the lighting in this room. Richard did that for us.
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xo, Savannah

All after photo by Amber Ulmer, except when noted.

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