before and after // dining room table and chairs

Well guys, it's pretty amazing what some sanding, recovering and polyurethane can do. For our dining room we really wanted to find a big table. We've always had tables that only fit about 6 folks and we wanted to be able to fit up to 10. As you can imagine, those tables cost a whole lot of money. After looking forever I actually started to think we might have to give up our big table dreams. But one day at a thrift store, we came across this gem. 
The shape of everything was perfect! It was in ROUGH condition so we weren't sure how well we could recover it, but when we found out it was $150 (for 6 chairs, a leaf, and the table!) we knew this was our table. 
It sat for a while like this until we got around to it. It was soooooo bad. I actually forgot how bad it was until I looked at these pictures again.
The chairs weren't actually in that bad of shape. I mean the fabric was definitely going, but the wood wasn't that bad. In fact, we just wiped these down and didn't refinish the wood, although we probably will in the future.
When we ripped all the fabric off, we revealed even more fabric. 
We did lots of light fine sanding to get rid of all the scratches. The top is wood veneer so we had to be soooo careful in this step. Saw dust was everywhere.
But after that step everything looked so even!
We then covered the top in about 5 coats of polyurethane. We actually weren't planning on doing that many but that's what ended up happening to get rid of brushstrokes. We were really careful, but it was hard to make it perfect!
But it turned out so amazing! When we were first decorating this room we really wanted to have a banana leaf print wallpaper, but there weren't any affordable options. AT ALL. Now, almost a year later, this kind of wallpaper is everywhere, and it's affordable! Anyway, since we couldn't get the wallpaper we decided to cover the chairs in the print. And we are so glad it turned out the way it did!
As always, more DIYS and before and afters coming your way soon!

xo, Savannah

After photos by Amber Ulmer

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  1. WOW! the table looks gorgeous and I love how everything looks so put together in the room, awesome job you guys!