Hammock Lounging in the cloud set

So recently we got into a really great music festival called Bumbershoot in Seattle, and we were debating whether or not we could pull it together in time to participate. We decided today that we just couldn't make it happen, which was a really hard decision for us. Bumbershoot is one of the oldest music festivals ever and we really would love to take Hey Wanderer to the Seattle area. Music festivals are a huge deal and when we participated in our first one this summer, we really got to experience how much goes into these things. So now instead of heading to Seattle, we are doing a mini road trip in the Las Vegas/LA area! We are going to try to set up a pop-up shop, but for now that is just up in the air.
Okay enough serious talk. These are some photos of Emma McBride in our Jane Tank and Ali shorts, both in clouds. This set is so fun! And these photos by Catherine Truman are just great.
We have had such a fun time working with Emma this year! She is headed off to college so we won't be shooting with her as much anymore. We are so sad to see her go but excited to see what is next! And who knows? Maybe we can sneak in some shoots whenever our paths cross again. Hope y'all enjoy these photos as much as we do! More to come...

xo, Savannah

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  1. Just a person who likes photography and I want to say that Emma looks great them!!!!