hosting thanksgiving in the backyard

We got really lucky with the weather this Thanksgiving. We were hosting 12 people so we knew our best bet would be to host outside- there is ample space out there. The weather doesn't always cooperate with outside events, but this time it did!

We spent a good amount of time and thought on how to set the table and what to use. We wanted it to look festive, but definitely didn't want to have turkeys printed on our table runner. One of our guests sent us the big floral arrangement from Farm Girl Flowers the day before Thanksgiving, so naturally we used it as decor.
We used copper strand lights to make the table setting seem a little more magical.
TIP: When hosting a large group of people, find some pretty disposable plates. It way easier than using real plates that you'll have to clean later AND it's way cheaper than buying a bunch of expensive plates. Also, cloth napkins are a really great way to add color and dress up your plates. Our cloth napkins and table runner all came from World Market.
We also used plastic utensils that were metallic gold. They look really fancy, but again, you can just throw them away. Amazing. Anyway, just wanted to share some photos of our decor. We dined with some family, some friends and some family of friends and it was a really good time. And we ate a lot, of course!

xo, Savannah

photos by Kailee Ramirez and Hey Wanderer

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