recipe: best chopped salad base

Y'all.... chopped salad is the answer! I used to be a person who hated salad. I'm not saying that I am in love with it now, but I definitely like it better. I just thought about it one day and I realized that I don't like gnawing on big chunks of lettuce leaves. Also the logistics of giant lettuce leaves mixed with roll-y round olives and slivers of various vegetables? How do I eat all of that in one bite? You don't. I realized that I can handle (and even maybe like) vegetables when they are all the same size.
Anyway, they now sell chopped salads in the produce section, but you have to buy it with toppings and dressings. Therefore I just decided to make my own.
This is less of a recipe and more of an explanation of what I did. And it's just SO simple.

- 1 small cabbage
- 1 small red cabbage
- 3 carrots
- 1 bunch of kale
- 1 stalk of romaine

1. Chop all ingredients with food processor, or knife, whatever your choosing.
2. Mix all ingredients together.
3. Store in bags in refrigerator.

This made so much salad. Probably about 5 times what you would get at the store. This is a great base for whatever salad you'd like. Just add toppings and dressing and voila! Anyway, if you like chopped salad, or any salad really, make yourself some of this!

xo, Savannah



  1. YES! My favorite salads are chopped salads. There's nothing better than that tasty bite of mingled flavors and the textural pleasure of veggies cut to the same size.

  2. Thank you for this base recipe! I love chopped salad but am not a fan of the cost.