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Hey guys! I just wanted to share some things Casey and I are currently talking about in our business. These are just thoughts and they may not flow perfectly, but I basically just wanted to talk it out with someone!

For a while now Casey and I have been talking about what Hey Wanderer looks like in the future. Since pretty early on, we thought that Hey Wanderer could/would be bigger than just kimonos. Don't get us wrong, we love a kimono, we love making one of a kind and custom pieces, we just think we exist for something bigger and/or different. (We also plan on always having kimonos!) We still really aren't sure of details, we are just feeling some things out of the moment, but Casey and I both have a desire to build up other brands and businesses. We are constantly wanting to hear what people have to say about our brand, people who aren't in it and who can just be an outsider looking in. We think about things like "Is our branding right? Does this photo go with our branding? Even though our branding is good, does it align with what we are selling?" If we think like this, we know everyone else does too. Well I'm assuming almost everyone else.
I'm not sure if you would call it a talent, a curse, or a blessing, but Casey and I both look at things and immediately see what is wrong. (Real life Casey called a church not that long ago to let them know that they didn't have their location on their website.) And besides this, we both really actually enjoy photos and editing and creating a really great photoshoot. Multiple times we have talked about just becoming photographers, because that is just a little more straightforward. Our work always seems like there are 128 different directions we could head in which means there are a lot of ways to fail. We realized that the thought of doing all these things for other brands seems appealing. As a small brand ourselves, we know how hard it is to get help without paying a hefty price. Most companies and agencies are built for medium to large companies. So we thought man, what if we exist to do all these things for other people? What if the things that we know how to do and that we have done for ourselves over the years could be something we do over and over again for our peers, favorite brands and business- big and small? 
Now we are at the part where we don't know where to go from here. I think we've agreed that we would just love to start working with some people or brands. I guess it may just start out like we are doing some collaborations. Here are a few of things that we are willing to do for people and businesses:
- Monthly Instagram plans
- Creative direction and complete execution of photoshoots of your product
- Weekly photoshoots for blog posts of IG of product or outfits 
- Simple analysis of your Instagram and branding
- Straight up running your IG
- and anything else you can think of that we know how to do!

Like I said, this is just where our heads are right now. We are still making clothes and doing wedding pieces. But now we are ready to think outside the box! So if you have any ideas or are looking to collaborate, send us an email! We are always open to any and all ideas and would love to get some things cooking for your brand.

xo, Savannah

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