how to style a boho bookshelf

You may have seen our most recent room tour (A Moody Boho Sitting Room) where this bookshelf resides, but today we are talking specifically about the styling of the shelf. This space was the last thing we did in the room, and it took us a while to gather all the things to put on it. If there is ever any advice we give to people who are decorating, it's to take your time. Don't go to one place and buy everything at once. You'll never get the character that you are going for that way. We were definitely eager to finish this room (and this bookshelf was specifically holding us back) but it was worth it to gather things as we found them. 
We got lucky and found all of these colorful Reader's Digest books at a yard sale for a whopping $3. They were perfect for the shelf mostly because of the cute and fun color combinations. You should definitely add your own personal books of things you actually read, but it's okay to have some books just for looks too. We picked up one of our little trinkets while we were in Tulum earlier this year. The other trinkets and the book ends came from antique shops here and there.

Also, when trying to style something in the name of 'boho', you MUST have plants. Pants are such an easy decoration. They can take up a good amount of space and round out any design in any room.
To style your own shelf, this is roughly what you will need:
- A collection of colorful books
- Trinkets of your choosing

Feel free to add more or use less as you desire. This is just a guideline!
As you can see, styling a bookshelf is pretty simple. You can also use this technique on taller bookshelves, night stands, smaller bookshelves, etc. If you enjoy these posts, we would love to hear from you! Leave a comment and visit us on Instagram and YouTube and we will be back with more posts soon!

xo, Savannah

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