our favorite pool accessories

Now that you have built your stock tank pool, you'll need some pool accessories to go along with it. We have as much fun finding things for our pool as we do hanging by the pool. We are big fans of ambience, but also want to be mosquito-free in Tennessee, so there is definitely some variety in our selection above. If you don't live in Tennessee or a part of the world where mosquitoes ruin summers, let me tell you, they really suck. We have 10 tiki torches lining the pool area and I swear they really help. I personally get attacked the moment I step outside, so all anti-mosquito items are my best friends.
We got this donut float the second we had the pool and it's pretty tight. I also linked to a popsicle float because sometimes it's nicer to be able to lay down in the water, because let's be real, that's how you get the best tan. I also wanted to share that we will sometimes put the battery operated tea lights in the flamingo cup holders to light up the pool in the evening.
Anyway the links below are affiliate links, but they are all things we have bought or something verrrrry similar. Plus, they are all on Amazon, our favvvvvorite online shop. Anyone else love Amazon as much as we do? It's kind of a problem...

1. Pineapple Cups
2. Flamingo Cup Holders
3. Tiki Umbrellas
4. Beach Towels
5. Battery Operated Tea Lights
6. Umbrella Straws
7. Tiki Fuel
8. Donut Float or Popsicle Float
9. Globe Lights
10. Tiki Torches
Happy floating!

xo, Savannah (and Hazel the cockapoo)

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