A Refreshing Coconut Iced Coffee

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I like to pretend I'm a barista, so I love to play around with different coffee drinks. Well, today you are in for a treat because we have partnered with ZICO Coconut Water to bring you this delicious iced coffee recipe. What I love about ZICO Coconut Water is that there is NO added sugar unlike other popular coconut water brands. It isn't from concentrate and it only has one ingredient- coconut water. I'm making a big fuss of this because, sugar is bad news guys. I have a major sugar addiction, so it's important that I avoid it. What is inside your food is so important. Read your labels! Sugar is added to the craziest things. 
Anyway, on to the recipe.

Casey's Iced Coconut Coffee

1/2 cup of iced coffee
1/2 cup of Zico Coconut Water
1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 packet of stevia

If you want to make this drink really cold but don't want it to get watered down with ice, then mix this drink in a cocktail shaker. I poured all the ingredients into a shaker and added ice and gave it a shake for a few seconds, and voila I had an ice cold coffee without watering it down. You can also freeze coffee and use those as ice cubes.
I'm weird and have to drink hot coffee in the morning but in the summer I love an iced coffee mid afternoon. I'm lucky because I can drink coffee in the afternoon without causing any sleep issues. However, this could be a great addition to your summer morning routine if afternoon coffee keeps you up at night. For me this recipe is a great afternoon pick me up and a guiltless treat. We could all use more guiltless treats, right?!
I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! Thinking about doing a monthly coffee post because I love making new recipes so much! Let me know in the comments what you think :)

Peace, Casey

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