the myth of busyness

So we have been crazy busy lately, but who isn't busy these days? Seriously. You used to ask people how they were doing and they'd reply with the obligatory, "I'm good." But now we all respond with, "I'm busy." Today our pastor was talking about busyness and he was saying how we wear it like a badge of honor. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. We are all guilty of bragging about our busyness as if that makes our lives more worthwhile. Today we have teamed up with SoundAura and Amazon to show you how easy it is to disconnect from the crazy and take a moment for yourself. These headphones are noise cancelling, so it makes it even easier to keep out the "busy" for the small moments you may have. And bonus, you can buy them on Amazon, which we all know is the easiest and fastest place to buy something online.
I'm not trying to shame you for your busy life, because we are just as guilty of being overly busy. We just can’t use busyness as an excuse. We also can't use our busyness as sense of self-worth. Honestly, when we tell other people that we've been so busy, it's actually a little condescending to the other person we are saying that too. When we reply, "Oh I've been so busy." It's almost like we are saying, "yeah my life is more important than yours because I'm busier than you." I don't think that is what anyone intends when they say that they've been busy, and it’s definitely not what I mean, so we just have to be careful. I find myself trying not to use that anymore.
As I have been thinking about my overly packed life, I've been trying to evaluate the activities that take up my time. I've been trying to figure out how I could use my time more wisely. I’ve been questioning what I could give up so I could make more time for things that matter. Because when push comes to shove, we always make time for the things and people that matter. And I want to choose the right things.
Anyway, self care is definitely something that should be prioritized in our lives. One thing we don't do consistently, is rest. Sure we take a break here and there, but rarely do we take a day to just relax. When we do just take a day to do nothing, I always feel guilty like I should be doing something else. Today we set aside time to do nothing, and I feel like I should have cleaned my room or something. We are pretty guilty of relaxing and working at the same time- you know watching TV or listening to music but also sending e-mails or writing blog posts. Not only do you not get to enjoy the TV show or music, but sometimes it is nice to sit down and not use your mind and just be still. When we don't stop and rest, we cannot give other things in our lives our entire selves. We should focus on doing less and doing it really well.
I recently got the new iPhone 8+ and like the iPhone 7 models, there is no headphone jack. I do love the phone but not having a headphone jack is a real bummer. These Sound Aura headphones are perfect to fill in the gap because they are Bluetooth headphones. But even if you have a headphone jack on your phone, not being attached to something while you're listening to music is really nice. What I also love about these headphones is the sound quality and the comfortable fit. They also block out sound really well. In fact, during this photo shoot I kept trying to talk to Savannah while she was wearing the headphones and I forgot that she totally couldn't hear me.
Anyway, what would it be like if we spent less time being busy and more time taking care of ourselves and the relationships we have? What if when someone asked how we’ve been our answer was “relaxed”? I know we are all busy- like crazy busy, but try to find something that you can take out of your schedule so you can relax and recharge. Don't you just wanna lay down sometimes? Well lay down, listen to so music, and think of absolutely nothing. I dare you.

Dueces, Casey

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