DIY: Fa La Freakin' La Christmas Print

You may not know this already, but Casey is a song-maker-upper. A silly song-maker-upper, that is. She's that person that puts your name in every song, even when there isn't a name already in the song to substitute. She also remixes them. Anyway, last year she sang a remix of "Deck The Halls" and now we are doing a tutorial on a 'Fa La Freakin' La' print. OH, life.
CLICK HERE to see how we put this Christmas scene together :) 

So let's just get started! This project is easy and quick, but you can personalize it however you want. You really only need to assemble a few things!

You will need:
- A piece of card stock
- A gold marker
- Gold letter stickers
- A wooden frame

So here's what you do:
1. Trace the paper that comes in your frame onto a new piece of card stock and then cut it out.
2. Cut out the sticker letters you need and organize them on your card stock, but don't stick them on yet.
3. Write the word 'freakin'' on the card stock.
4. Put all your stickers on the card stock.
5. Put your new art in the frame and hang it up somewhere!

We are going to be sharing a tutorial with y'all about the colorful stocking, but here is what our fireplace is looking like theses days.
If you are looking for an easy DIY this season, try this one out! It's easy to customize however you'd like, and could work for any occasion. Are there any DIYs you'd love to see on our blog? Let us know in the comments!

xo, Savannah