10 Vendors You Won't Want To Miss at Porter Flea

If you recall, Casey and I used to do our share of festivals and art fairs/shows/flea markets. Porter Flea was by far our favorite market, and if you've ever been, you know why. The quality of their vendors is unmatched. We did our last show last winter and went out with a bang by winning the "Best Booth Decor" Award. We look back at our Porter Flea memories fondly to say the least. All this to say...we LOVE walking into Porter Flea and being able to be apart of it as a customer! We know it can be overwhelming to know where to start and make sure you don't miss anyone, so we put together a list of 10 vendors that you should make a point not to miss. Now there are many vendors outside of this list who are going to bring it this year. But these are specific things that really stand out and speak to our boho lifestyle. So let's get started!
1. Fable and Lore. The owner, Chelsie, has become a friend of ours over the years, but I promise that's not why her beautiful jewelry in on this list. It's because her pieces really are beautiful. Every piece is hand crafted in St. Louis with traditional metalsmithing techniques. Chelsie is a true craftsmen and when you get to touch and feel her products in person, you will truly appreciate the care she takes in her work. Some favorites: Nazca Collar, Solstice Collar, Glyph Collar, Solstice Pedant, and Labradorite Horizon Ring.
OH and these teaspoons! Only available AT the show.

2. Veak Ceramics. Many Porter Fleas ago Casey bought a mug from Veak, and it has been one of our most loved mugs ever since. Her style is unique and what drew us to the pieces in the first place. Color blocking and linear texture equals everything I want in a piece of pottery. Check out her Instagram to see more pieces that may make an appearance at the show.

3. Big Heart Tea. Chelsie actually let us know about this brand and y'all know how much we love our golden milk. But if you don't want to make your own, you can just buy some of their Sunshine Dust. They also have a variety of loose leaf teas to choose from if you want to go the more traditional route. You can even get something as simple as a bag of iced tea. And bonus- their packaging is phenomenal!

4. Quilt Kween. I haven't always been a fan of quilts, mostly because in my head quilts were flowery muted colored pieces for, let's face it, old people. But then you've got people like the Quilt Kween making modern quilts that are on a whole other level of their own. Don't need a quilt in your life? How about a pillow? I'm obsessed with this pillow and keep wondering where I could make space for it in our home.

5. The Bright Angle. Well I need this vase hanging planter thing. That's all.

6. Oxalis Apothecary. I'm a sucker for skin products, y'all. Aren't we all? Oxalis has so many products that speak to me. The Daily Glow Facial Serum sounds like a vacation for my face, but I also want to try out the Jasmine and Coconut Mineral Mist and the Wildflower Clay Mask. Head over to their booth for an all natural boost in your skincare routine.

7. 419 Candle Co. I love a good candle and have been in the market for winter smells. I'm looking forward to smelling to Woodfire and Pine and the Oakmoss and Amber scents.

8. Handmade Studio TN. I know, I know... another pottery brand? But both of these brands have such a distinct style, I thought they were both worth being showcased. What am I most excited about seeing? The Chamberlin Platter. Seriously, go check it out. And check out the pasta bowls. Pasta bowls are our new favorite kind of bowls and I'm not even kidding. Except we don't use them for pasta. We use them for salad.

9. ELT Collective. The Woodland Bag. Need I say more?

10. Son of A Sailor. Two things that interest me a lot. This clock. And to make me up my home bar game- The Flight Board.

So there you have it. 10 brands you need to find while you make your way down the aisles of Porter Flea. We hope you enjoyed this post and that it helps in your experience. Maybe we will see you there!

xo, Savannah

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