It's Our Blogiversary- OMG we're 6!

Today our blog turned SIX YEARS OLD! I can't believe it. How could it have been so long? This blog has been on so many roller coasters, and we are so grateful to everyone who has stuck around for the journey. Today we are going through the past six years and outlining what was a hit and what wasn't. It's going to be interesting, to say the least. So without further ado....

2011- When it all began. 2011 was the year of glitter. We had no idea what we were doing. One of our first blog posts was us adding glitter to a pair of shoes. Help us, Lord. Our most popular blog post was a round-up of our favorite DIYs at the time. They are special...
2012- This was the year of neon - we were obsessed. Also this year, we peaked at 250,000 blog views in one day from this blog post. This was also the year we did not monetize our blog so we made a big fat zero dollars from all of those page views. I still cry myself to sleep at night thinking about that. We blogged about DIYs/clothes/hair/nails and we we created tunes-day tuesday where we shared our favorite songs at the moment. Should we revive this?
2013- This was the year of friendship bracelets. We have approximately 1097 posts (that may be a slight exaggeration) about how to make different friendship bracelets, but you guys loved it! Our most popular post was this one where Savannah made a crazy complicated one (hence the title). We still TO THIS DAY get many pageviews from that post. How crazy is that?? This was also the year of the crayon lipstick DIY controversy. I'm not going to get into that, but read the comments.
2014- The year of Hey Wanderer. We changed our name from Oh So Pretty the Diaries to Hey Wanderer, and then we started making kimonos. We also changed the direction of our blog. We started blogging more about our thoughts and our faith. Our most popular post from this was 299 no-sew ways to alter a t-shirt.
2015 + 2016-  The years of blog neglect. These years our main focus was the clothing brand, and our blog suffered. Owning a clothing business is no joke. Especially when you are the one making the clothes from start to finish. While we struggled with blogging, we did post every now and then about our house being renovated and that was so fun for us! We ended up being featured on Domino and Apartment Therapy. The signs of what people loved most (our home decor) were all there, but we weren't picking up on the hints just yet.
2017-This is the year of rebirth for the blog, and we have rediscovered our love for it. This will forever be known as the year we quit being a clothing business and went back to our roots. Sometimes we look back and we question what we were thinking in the past few years. We don't regret the clothing brand and neglecting the blog. This was our path and we own it. We'd be lying if we didn't say that sometimes we think "what if?" What if we never did the clothing business? What if we had continued blogging consistently? But, the clothing industry taught us so much - even things about blogging! Our most successful blog post this year was making the stock tank pool. Is it summer again yet?

SO that's 6 years of blogging in a nutshell. Although there have been some ups and downs and we have made a lot of mistakes, we are so thankful for this journey. Again, we are so grateful to all of our readers- new and old. We hope you will continue to stick around, because it's only gonna get better from here!

We are excited to continue making blogging our main focus, because we love making content for you guys. When we first transferred into making clothes, we were really burned out on the blog. But we have had plenty of blogging rest time and we are back in business, y'all. This next year we really want to develop a better relationship with our readers. We haven't really created a space where people want to leave comments and interact with us, so we want to find ways to engage with you guys!

What do we have planned for you in 2018? Well, you can expect to see more home decor, DIYs, travel posts- AND we are considering re-doing some of our old blog posts that were big hits and making them more modern. We have been looking at some of them and gasping at the horror. Also, be looking for blog posts about being a blogger/influencer and all the tips + tricks we've learned along the way. Very soon we will be bringing you a post about some of the biggest blogging mistakes we have personally made. Some of it will make you cringe, but maybe you can learn from our mistakes! Let us know in the comments what else you would like to see from us in the future. Are there any specific DIYs you'd like to see? Hit us up.

Since we are celebrating today, we wanted to give something to our followers. We are giving away 6 boho girl things over on Instagram, so head over to enter!

Y'all are awesome! Thanks again! Here's to 6 more years :) :) :)
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xoxo, Casey + Savannah


  1. Love your blog so much! I have gotten so many compliments on my fireplace thanks to you two. Thank you for being so creative! ��

  2. Your blog and instagram inspire me so much!! I love the style and how everything is so different and flows so well!

    1. Thank you for your kind words :) and thanks for following along!

  3. Happy 6 years!! Keep shining and inspiring ;) - inspired Help

  4. Yay!!!!(: happy birthday! That's so exciting.

    Love, Jessie!

  5. you girls are so sweet and thoughtful... I love reading your blog and catching up with you. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Congratulations! Keep up the good work and keep shining your Light! Wonderful giveaway by the way, thank you for the opportunity! Blessings!