10 Cozy + Healthy Soups

One of our favorite kitchen staples is soup in any variety. Soup can be filling, keep you warm and can be healthy very easily. One of the reasons I love soup so much is that once you have made many many soups, you won't necessarily need recipes anymore. When it comes to soup, I use recipes as inspiration mostly. If I don't have a particular ingredient, I can usually sub something I do have and it turns out fine! That's the beauty of soup

The easiest soup ever is to just roast the veggies you have in your fridge, pop them in the Vitamix with some warm broth and blend. This is one of my favorite ways to get in my veggies, because yes I'm a child when it comes to veggies. I have to "sneak" them in. Anyway, let's get cozy with soup!

I'm not a huge fan of tomato soup but Casey LOVES it, so I'm hoping to make one that I can love just like she does. My favorite soup ever is a tie between potato soup and corn & potato chowder. And you don't see those on this list because they are UNhealthy soups that I don't eat often at all. I just dream of them.

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xo, Savannah

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