7 Things You Need To Know About Vero Right Now

Over the weekend a newer app, Vero, was the topic of discussion as many tried to secure their spot for a free subscription for life. The app isn't totally new, however. It showed up in the Apple App store last April. If you haven't heard already, Vero is a social app that is supposed to be unlike any other out there. Why? Well let's just get right into what you need to know about the app right now.
1. There will be no ads. Apparently it will also always be in chronological order. This sounds like an ideal situation and the answer to a lot of complaints from people about other social media outlets. I know very little about creating social apps, but what I do know is that all successful ones have something in common- ads. The other thing is that you will still get ads from businesses and influencers you follow. Just because businesses can't pay Vero to show you their product doesn't mean they can't pay an influencer to show it to you or show it to you themselves. So the idea of no ads sounds fabulous, until you realize that the only ads that can be controlled are ones provided by the platform itself.

2. It will eventually be a subscription service. Vero announced that the first 1 millions users would get to have a free subscription for life. Perhaps this is the reason for the surge in new users. A subscription service is their way to make money. You will have to pay to use their app. As a business owner I would willingly pay a monthly subscription fee in order for my followers to not see random ads, but I'm not sure as a follower I'd be willing to pay for that. Ads on social media don't bother me anymore, they are a part of life.

3. Vero will not steal your data or spy on you like other suspected social outlets. This is kind of a big deal. Vero will basically only know your name and e-mail address.
4. They aren't prepared for the surge of users. Because of this, everything is slow or doesn't even load. We had a hard time signing up, and so did a lot of other people. Luckily for Vero, we are all too curious to quit trying there. We finally got our account registered, but every time I've tried to post I've had a hard time. The last time I just gave up and decided to write this post.

5. It's kind of like Facebook, but there are no statuses. You'll see the same things on your feed as on Facebook. Photos, videos, books, TV, links, places and even music. You can't just write a line unless it's attached to some sort of content. I personally like this detail as I find this option pointless on Facebook. The difference is that these things are already sorted into "collections". You can see your own collections in your profile. I'm assuming you can see people's collections on their profiles, but I've yet to get someone's profile to load successfully. The load times are really blowing out the flame I may have had for this app even just this morning.

6. Connections vs. Followers. This is an interesting feature, although not completely original. Connections are people you know and there are three categories- close friends, friends, and acquaintances. And the of course, you have followers. When you post on Vero, you choose who you want to see your post. They are not groups though, it's more like a tiered system. If you choose for your followers to see your post, then everyone sees it. You can't just post to your acquaintances because you friends and close friends will also see that post. The only exclusive group is your "close friends". Also, once you've posted on Vero, you can't edit who you chose to see your posts. You can edit your caption, however.

7. Finding people to follow isn't easy. Besides following people you know and who are in your address book, there aren't many options for finding new people. They have featured users on an explore-like page, but there are 3 on mine and they haven't changed. Also, because they don't collect your data and there isn't an algorithm, the people they suggest are completely unrelated to anything I'm interested in. Algorithms are sounding pretty good right about now. This all could be because there aren't enough active users, but it makes using the app unimpressive. I've been looking at the same 3 pictures for 12 hours now.

My verdict? I'm skeptical, but still interested. The idea of this app sounds really great to me, but the execution isn't all that I hoped for. If they are going to be going up against social giants like Facebook and Instagram, they will have to step it up, and quickly. I love a good underdog story, so I have high hopes for people who try to exist in spite of the "big guys". But with the attention spans of today's society, the hype of Vero could be gone with a blink of the eye.

You can find us on Vero under Hey Wanderer. But if that doesn't work out, follow along on Instagram!


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