A Galentine's Staycation: 48 Hours in Nashville

Maybe you're single or maybe you're in a relationship. Either way I think we all know the importance of our girlfriends. I am so glad to see that the past couple of years Galentines has been trending around Valentines. I know it's a totally made up holiday (like a lot are), but we're never mad at an excuse to celebrate our betties!

We were so excited to have a Galentines Staycation with some of our blogger friends, Hunter Premo + Sarah Eichelberger, at the Aertson Hotel. We had so much fun just hanging out, eating amazing food, and spending time relaxing at Woodhouse Day Spa.

If you are looking for a chill way to spend 48 hours in Nashville with your girlfriends, below is how we spent our time. :) The great thing is that most of the places we went were in the same complex and with Nashville traffic the way it is, that is a major plus! If you want to see all the super touristy things in Nashville, this may not be the way you want to spend your 48 hours here. But even if you want to get wild downtown, you've got try out these restaurants and stay at Aertson!
4-5 PM. Check in at Aertson hotel. After we arrived and settled in, we enjoyed snacks + rose and opened Galentine's gift bags! For this staycation, we wanted to provide our friends (and ourselves) with gift bags celebrating friendship. So we included fun little things like mini bottles of our favorite dry shampoo (Batiste), Valentine's Day socks, cute little V-day headbands as photo props, pajamas c/o Cosabella, and little chocolates. Even if you just wanted to give out smaller bags of candy and socks, a gift bag is always a nice touch!
We loved having the space to sit and make drinks in our suite. We sat in here to relax, hang, and watch a movie.
7 PM. Head downstairs for dinner at Henley. Okay, I have to be honest here. I wasn't sure that I was going to like Henley because it seemed to be a little too fancy for me. While it is definitely a fancier restaurant, it never felt uptight or stuffy. The atmosphere is inviting and the staff is knowledgeable and fun.
I think all four of us would agree that my cocktail, The Great Demand, was the best and it was served in an metal owl so it wins on that alone. As a plus it was probably one of the best cocktails I've had in Nashville. It is made with Absolut Elixir and the vodka is washed through coconuts and there is black tea and persimmon. Incredible.
The manager also brought us a punch they had made that day and it was served in a DISCO BALL. Y'all it was disco ball punch bowl. We all died, and the punch was delicious too.
Now on to the food. We had the brussel sprouts as an appetizer and they were delicious. We also had a charcuterie board with a variety of meats and cheese that was so so good. The server brings you a cart with all of their different cheeses and told us about each one. We all shared the rotisserie chicken at the servers recommendation. I was really surprised that anyone working in a restaurant would actually recommend the chicken. I feel restaurants just have to offer chicken but most foodies aren't overly impressed with it. Bu this was the best chicken I have ever had. The chicken is roasted 3 times and the flavor and texture were superb.

10 PM. Now this time is dependent on what you want to do. You could go out on the town or just hang out and chat in the room until you can't keep your eyes open. We went with the latter. After all, we were going for a more relaxing staycation.
8 AM. Breakfast at the hotel. Normally we would've ordered room service, but while we were staying here they had a continental breakfast that was perfect!
9 AM. Head out on the town. The Aertson is centrally located so you are near many great areas. You could head to Hillsboro Village or The Gulch to do some local shopping or grab a coffee. You could even head downtown if you wanted to see the sights and hear some live music and miss the crowd. We spent this time shopping for props for some photoshoots we needed to do.
12 PM. Head to Caviar & Bananas for lunch. This has become a favorite lunch spot. The decor is amazing and I love all the different options. Their salad bar is definitely my favorite, but they did have one of the best tortilla soups I've ever had. They've also started making their own chocolate. They have a white chocolate + peaches bar that was our favorite because we LOVE us some white chocolate. If you are in Nashville, this is just a great place to go because they offer enough variety to suit the tastes of many different people. Or just grab some coffee and a pastry while you're walking by. They have cookies as big as your face!
2 PM. Arrive back at Woodhouse Day Spa for a relaxing massage, mimosas and a little quiet time. I had a facial while the other 3 girls got massages. My aesthetician not only did a facial but also did a feet and hand massage, so I felt like I got a little bit of both. The spa has a relaxing room where you can spend quiet time drinking champagne. If you live in Nashville or are visiting, you should give this spa a try!

3:30PM. Head back to the hotel room to chill, snack, and get ready for the evening.
Savannah used some of this time to explore the really cool rooftop pool space that The Aertson has. It snowed all day, so no one was trying to get in the pool. But if it were summer, this is where we would've been!
7:30 PM. Head down to Nada for dinner. Nada is also located in the Aertson complex and when we visited it had just opened the day before. You have to try their tacos. The carne aside one was our favorite! We also had the sweet chili-glazed potatoes and the elote and loved every bite! We were all so stuffed from dinner but we were fortunate enough to try every one of their desserts. Our favorite was the Arroz Con Leche that actually sounded a little weird when described, but it was hands down one of the best desserts I've had in a long time.
9 PM. Relax and watch a movie. We aren't party animals if you couldn't tell, so we just sat in our super comfy pajamas (thanks Cosabella!) and watched Battle of the Sexes (good movie!) We also sucked the helium out of some of the balloons we had used for a photoshoot and sang songs. Also.... look how spacious the shower is!
8:30 AM. Check out of the hotel and head to Hotbox. Hunter convinced Savannah + I to try Hotbox. Honestly, I'm not sure why I agreed to this because even heated air in a car gets to me. We sweated our booties off for sure. We did really like punching a bag though.... so glad we tried it!
10:30 AM. Head to Rush bowls right down the road. We actually would've walked if it hadn't been so cold outside! After nearly dying in Hotbox, we had certainly worked up an appetite. We wanted a lighter and healthier option after our workout. They have smoothie bowls that are easily customizable to fit your needs. I had their Power Bowl (without banana because yuck) and added peanut butter. It was so good! Savannah loved her Paradise Bowl with greens added.
And that concluded our staycation! We loved our stay at the Aertson and we had so much fun hanging with Hunter + Sarah and getting to know them better. If you are visiting Nashville, definitely look into staying at the Aertson. Their location is perfection because it's close to downtown but you aren't caught up in the insanity of downtown and it's right next to everything you need.
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peace out, Casey

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