A Delicious + Healthy Golden Milk Protein Shake

Last year we created a delicious and yummy Golden Milk recipe and it was a huge hit! It's easy to understand why as it is like drinking a cup of warm and cozy. In other news, I hate protein shakes. Casey can just blend some protein powder and almond milk and enjoy it. Not me. No fruit or nut butter can cover up the distinct flavor. Enter in the Golden Milk Protein Shake. No protein-y taste, just smooth milky yummy cozy golden milk but thicker and colder. It took us a couple tries to get this right, but let me tell you, it is SO good. Okay enough chit chat, let's make it!
The most important ingredient for the smoothness of this smoothie is frozen coconut milk. DO NOT USE ICE CUBES!! I mean you can. But it drastically changes the flavor and texture. I just poured 1 can of coconut milk into these ice cube trays (that I love because they have a lid) and froze. A whole can made 14 cubes and will make 4 shakes.
Golden Milk Protein Shake Recipe
(Serves 2)

- 4 Tbs. Golden Milk Powder (This is our recipe)
- 2 Scoops Vanilla Protein Powder (We use this one)
- 1 1/2 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
- 7 Cubes of Frozen Coconut Milk

Pour all ingredients into a high speed blender. We use a Vitamix because it creates a smoothness that a regular blender just can't. Blend until everything comes together. This is usually 30-45 seconds for us. Pour into two glasses and enjoy!
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xo, Savannah

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