The Easiest Way To French Press Coffee

When Savannah + I were at a blogger retreat in December, the Airbnb only had a Keurig and a French press. I quickly learned that I was the only person who knew how to make coffee with a French press. I vowed to make a video that day to show those ladies + anyone else how to make coffee the best way you can-using a French press.

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I think the process seems intimidating and using a regular coffee maker or Keurig is definitely easier. BUT the taste of the coffee from a French press is far better. Trust me. Also, there is something cathartic about the ritual of making coffee in this way every morning.

In this video, I show you how I make French press coffee. An important note is that if you were to search the web for how to make coffee with a French press, you will find a more tedious process than how I make it. Here is a post if you want to know the proper way to use a French press. In my opinion, the coffee comes out tasting the same regardless, so I stick the easier way. I also prefer making coffee via French press over pour over coffee, because I find coffee made that way is weaker in flavor. Regular drip coffee makers burn coffee which disrupts the flavor.
These are the items that I use to make my french press coffee:
1. Counter Culture Coffee - subscription
8. Measuring Glass

If you are interesetd in the more complicated way to make french press coffee, here is a super precise way to make French press coffee.

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