The Best Photography Equipment For Beginner Bloggers

We get questions about our photography almost daily on Instagram and we are here to tell you that you can take great photos yourself! There are a lot of decisions you have to make when starting your blog, but one thing stands true- you have to have good photography. The good news is that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to make that happen. Today we are going to talk about all the equipment that we use for our photos and video that won't break the bank. We are definitely interested in upgrading our camera to this one in the future, but you can create some amazing photos with what we have now.

1. For Quick Lifestyle Photos & IG Stories- iPhone 8+
We always use our phones for our IG stories because, of course, it's the quickest way to video. Every now and then we will take IG photos on Casey's iPhone 8+. When we started, this was the only way we took photos for Instagram. It can be done! The new cameras are high quality so if it's all that you have- use it!
2. Most Affordable Starter Camera with/Video- Canon Rebel T5i
The reason we chose this camera was because we wanted something that could record video and take high quality photos. This camera is on the low end for DSLR pricing, but isn't one to write off. Although the kit lens isn't the greatest, that can be fixed with some skills and/or new lenses. But the kit lens is a great place to start. We used ours for a while before we bought a new lens, but I definitely wish we had bought it sooner. Fun story- we took this camera on a hike to a waterfall and I fell in the water with the camera in my backpack on my back. Luckily we got it out in time and no harm was done. You have to be careful when you are hiking waterfalls with cameras!

3. Memory Card for Recording Video
We learned the hard way that not all memory cards are created equally. Some just aren't cut out for videoing. We have a couple memory cards that will not record video for more than 9 seconds. This is because they are not high speed memory cards. The ones we use right now are 80 MB/s, but I will buy a faster one soon. However the 80MB/s works fine!
4. For DIY & Recipe Photography- 50 mm Lens
This is the lens that you should buy immediately with your Canon Rebel T5i. If you already have a camera, this lens will step up your photography for only $125. The kicker is that it is a fixed lens so you have to move your body if you want to zoom in or out. I get frustrated about how zoomed in it is sometimes, but the quality outweighs the cons. Especially when the equivalent lens with a zoom would cost you upwards of $1000. This coffee photo above is a good example of what this lens can do. The detail is amazing and it provides that lovely background blur that everyone loves. We also use this lens for video right now! It really does the job well.
6. For Landscape & Interior Photography- Ultra Wide Zoom Lens
We would've saved a lot of heartache if we had bought this lens back when we started taking photos of our house. It's hard to get a whole room in a photo with the kit lens or your iPhone. A wide angle lens is also great for landscape and travel photos. Anytime you are trying to get a lot of things in a photo and you have to be close up- this is your guy. I can take 1 photo that captures floor and ceiling in our 50 sq. ft. bathroom. It's amazing. This one is also great for low lighting conditions provided you are using a tripod. This one can get a little weird when you are taking photos up close which is why the 50 mm really comes in handy.

Canon actually sells these two lenses in a package now, which is great for folks who are just starting! If you decide to buy both lenses at the same time you can save about $50 by purchasing them together.

5. For Travel, Fashion, & Lifestyle Photography- 24 mm Pancake Lens
This is not a lens we have yet, but it is our next purchase. We have a need for something right in the middle of the two we already have. We need something that is a little further away and more universal, but still high quality. The good thing about this lens is that it is flat and light so it is perfect for travel. It is also a fixed lens, so keep that in mind.
7. Tripod
A tripod is your best friend for high quality photos. Even when our house is well lit, I will bring out the tripod if possible. It will always be more stable than a handheld camera. We really like crisp photos and this is part of how we make that happen. We also use a tripod if we are both going to be in a photo. We take all of our own photos (for the most part) so a tripod is our third photographer. This one that I got from Amazon weighs less than a pound, but because of that it is a little flimsy. When we use it outdoors it has to be weighed down so the camera doesn't blow over. We will be upgrading very soon, but the one we have now works as a starter tripod.

8. Remote
A remote was a game changer for us. It only costs around $20 and makes it possible for you to be the photographer and the subject.

One of the first things we purchased after we started our YouTube channel was lighting. We got this set of 3 lamps on Amazon. We recorded a lot of videos in the dark and needed help looking more professional. We still have those same lights today! We will throw them up for videos if we need more light in a small part of a photo. I definitely recommend using these in addition to natural sunlight, and not in place of, for best results. If you want something more compact you could spend a bit more and get something like the diva ring.

10. Photoshop/Lightroom Subscription
This is the subscription we have and we pay monthly. The great thing about the Creative Cloud Membership is that you have access to all updates of Photoshop and Lightroom. We use Lightroom to edit all of our photos and recommend that you use it as well! iPhone filters can't touch what you can do in Lightroom. Don't get me wrong, you can make the phone filters work, but Lightroom is next level. And photoshop is equally important for us. We use it to put writing over photos, edit skin and weird things out of photos, and to put multiple photos together for blog posts.

If you have all of these things you will be set to create some amazing content for you blog and Instagram! I hope this was helpful for those of you who are just starting out or are hoping to upgrade from your phone. If you aren't following us on Instagram already, you can find us here. And don't forget to pin the image below to share the love!

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