5 Tips for Staying Inspired

If you've been blogging or posting pictures on Instagram for any time at all, you know that staying inspired  is a challenge. We all want to have original ideas and to post things no one else has. But the reality of having an original idea is almost impossible. That's ok, though. Even if the idea isn't completely original- there is only one you and you are the only one with your perspective. So we have a few ways to stay inspired and foster having the best ideas possible.

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5 tips for staying inspired:

1. Follow blogs and Instagram accounts that inspire you. This may seem like common sense, but I know a lot of people will only follow people who follow them back. There are lots of problems with that and the biggest problem is that likely the best content creators aren't going to follow you (or me). I would say 80% of the people that we follow don't follow us back. I think it's crucial for your creativity to mostly follow accounts who have original ideas and whose pictures you actually enjoy. And don't be afraid to follow a variety of accounts and people who are not in your genre of blogging. Diversify!

2. Pay attention. The world around you is beautiful but you have to notice it. I am guilty of keeping my head in my phone and not paying attention to my surroundings. But you have to look up! Go watch a sunset or be amazed by a beautiful blooming tree. Maybe even go for a walk!

3. Solve a problem. A huge portion of the blog posts that we write came out of a problem we had. Our post about the 5 biggest Instagram mistakes people make came from what we've personally experienced. It also came from seeing that a lot of people were making the same mistakes. So we wrote a blog post about how to solve that problem. Darn near close to every DIY we've ever done came out of a need. Savannah is currently working on a coffee cart. I've been wanting one since we moved into this house 2 years ago. So if you need some inspiration, just look for some problems (yours and other people's) that need solving. 

4. Keep a journal or notebook. Or keep a list on the notes on your phone. I have ideas for blog posts all the time that come at the most random times so I like to keep a list on my phone. Whatever you do- capture those ideas immediately. Even if they are only a half-idea and you don't have time to think it through fully- write it down. When you are in a rut you can refer to your list!

5. Foster creativity. Even if you write a blog about non-creative things, keeping that part of your brain fresh is helpful. Take an art class. Write a poem. Read a book. Listen to a podcast. If you don't challenge your brain in a creative way, it will be harder to have fresh ideas. Creativity breeds more creativity. :)

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