A Springtime Coffee Drink- Lavender Vanilla Latte

The other day I lost my mind and bought a 1 pound bag of lavender. I do love lavender but it doesn't weigh anything so a 1 pound bag is huge. My decision was heavily influenced by the spring weather we've been having. So get ready for lavender DIYs + recipes coming your way.

Today I'm sharing with you an easy latte recipe using lavender. I think spring needs a coffee drink and this is the one. Fall has pumpkin spice lattes and now I'm declaring lavender vanilla lattes the coffee drink of Spring. Let's make it happen!

I made this using a french press. If you don't know how to make french press coffee, check out my tutorial here. It's the best way to make coffee in my humble opinion :)
Lavender Vanilla Latter Recipe
- 3T lavender
- 4T coarsely ground coffee
- Vanilla coffee creamer (add to taste)
- 16 oz of almost boiling water

1. Put your coffee in the french press and then add the lavender on top of that.
2. Pour the water in and let it steep for 4 minutes.
3. Push the plunger down + pour coffee.
4. Add the vanilla coffee creamer.
5. Stir + enjoy.

You can still make this drink without a milk frother, but if you want to take your coffee to the next level, I highly suggest using one. The great thing about a milk frother is that it will warm your milk/creamer and froth it. For this recipe you could either froth regular milk + add a vanilla syrup OR just froth your creamer. Or if you don't want sweetener, you could just add a vanilla bean.

I'll have to admit the first time I had a lavender latte, I was a little skeptical. The flavors didn't necessarily seem like they would taste good together. But the lavender adds a freshness + floral note to the coffee that is refreshing. Please try and let me know what you think!

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