An Honest Review Of Our HomeAway in Boston

We received a free stay at this HomeAway property for our honest review.

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we recently got back from a trip to Portugal. And worry not, we will have many posts about that trip very soon. On our way back from Portugal, we spent 2 nights in Boston at this lovely HomeAway property. We had big plans to explore the city of Boston for the 2 days we were there but we literally only left the apartment to eat. We spent all of our other time inside relaxing. I think it was a little ambitious to plan on exploring a new city that was cold + snowy, after having traveled for 2 weeks. We just couldn't do it.
We have never used HomeAway. We were surprised to discover that they have more than 2 million unique properties in 190 countries- so there is a property for everyone and every budget. The booking process was similar to other vacation rental companies. What I didn't love about renting from this particular property is that it is owned by another company, Sonder. And Sonder had their own booking system that we had to go through. So we had to book through both HomeAway and Sonder. However, I have noticed this happens on other vacation rental platforms, so you just have to know that when you book.
This property was a 1 bedroom/1bathroom apartment near Boston College. We were close to the Green Line and a bus stop. Since we didn't rent a car during our time there, the proximity to public transportation was a plus. However, because we were so close to the train, it was very loud at night. We were happy to be close to several restaurants and markets.
We ate at Eagles Deli, had bubble tea (twice) at Kung Fu Tea, and ordered pizza from Ecco Pizzeria. One day we took a 20 minute bus ride to The Breakfast Club. We actually genuinely enjoyed all of these places.
After being out of the country for 2 weeks and eating very different breakfasts, we were very happy to eat some good ol' American breakfast. The Breakfast Club had gluten-free pancakes so that was a major plus. If you don't have car, don't worry- there are plenty of restaurants to explore nearby!
Ecco was the first thing we ate as soon as we arrived to our HomeAway. It was perfect for our lazy vibes. The pizza is a little fancier than your average delivery service and the have gluten-free pizza!
Overall, we enjoyed our stay here, and it was a great place to relax. If you would like to book a stay with HomeAway, click here!

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peace, Casey

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