The 5 Minute Icee

Yesterday we went to the pool with the little girl we mentor and we got Icees. What is more summer than an Icee? Nothing, I'll tell ya. I started looking up slushy/icee machines that you could buy. And the only one that seemed like it would do a good job is the commercial machine that was $1500. Savannah was convinced we could do the same thing in our Vitamix so I vowed to try to make it. So today I bring you the easiest summer drink.
5 Minute Icee Recipe
Makes 2 16 oz. glasses

- 6 Cups Ice
- 1 Packet Kool-Aid
- 1 cup sugar
- 1/2 cup water 

1. Mix sugar and water together in a pan and heat until sugar is dissolved.
2. Add Kool-Aid to blender. 
3. Pour in sugar water. 
4. Add ice.
5. Blend together until mixture is smooth.

This recipe has so many variations you could make. I will say that this recipe is very sweet so you could easily cut down the sugar if you like. Or use any sweetener you'd like. You could also make this an adult drink by adding vodka or rum in place of some ice or water. You could add fruit as well. The options are endless!

The Vitamix really helps create the smooth texture you get from your favorite gas station slush. We bought ours refurbished, so if you've been thinking about getting one you should definitely consider doing the same and saving a couple hundred dollars!
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