Three Ingredient Gluten-Free Muffins

We love desserts and sweets at our house. We are always on the lookout for ways to create "healthier" versions of our favorite desserts. I say "healthier" as really we are making them less terrible. Have you ever had muffins made with protein powder? We've done it. In a pinch I'll accept a protein muffin as a real one. But really I just want a little something sweet without that little hint of pure health. You know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I found this recipe and decided to try to make a gluten-free version!
Three Ingredient Gluten-Free Muffins
- 1 box Betty Crocker GF Yellow Cake Mix
- 1 cup of greek yogurt (any flavor)
- 1 cup of water minus 1 Tbs.
optional: 1 cup fresh blueberries

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
2. Mix the greek yogurt and water together and then add to the cake mix. Stir to combine.
3. Pour the batter into lined muffin tins and bake for 18 minutes.

I used less water because this gluten-free cake mix is smaller than a regular cake mix. You could also mix in chocolate chips or cacao nibs if you were wanting a hint of chocolate. I wanted to add fruit so I went with blueberries. Strawberries would be delicious too. Just make sure you don't use frozen berries because they add more water to the recipe than you want.
This recipe is just a start of things to come. I plan on trying out different cake mixes. This one is just fine but it's not my favorite GF cake mix. The batter is on the chewier side which some people don't mind and some do. I will be sure to post about any new ingredients I try out!

xo, Savannah

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