How We Started Our Blog + Paddywax Candles Giveaway

Happy Birthday 7th Birthday to this very blog you are reading!! I cannot believe we have been blogging this long! You are reading our 800th blog post 😱😜 There have certainly been some highs and lows, and thankfully we still love doing it! We are beyond grateful that you are a reader of our little corner of the internet. 

On Vlogmas Day 4, we are telling the story of how Savannah + I met, how we got into blogging, why we started making kimonos, why we stopped, and why we got back into full-time blogging. The video is long, but we've never told our story all in one place. We hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube channel so you can keep with all our Vlogmas shenanigans

In celebration of our birthday, we have partnered with our absolute favorite candle brand, Paddywax, to bring you our favorite candles. Head to our Instagram to enter to win a set of our 7 favorite candles. We are selecting 3 winners. All details to enter will be on this Instagram picture.

We love Paddywax for 3 reasons: They are local to Nashville. They have the best vessels and they are reusable. I drink coffee out of one of my old candle vessels. Last but certainly not least, they have the best smells. Also, if you are in Nashville you have to visit one of their Candle Bar locations. You can actually make your own candle and it is so much fun! They also have a great selections of gifts. It's a great place to get Christmas gifts.

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Our favorite candle/scents are:

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Tobacco + Vanilla
Tobacco + Patchouli
Violet + Vanilla
Bergamot + Fresh Fig
Black Eclipse + Amber
Cotton + Teak
Peony + Patchouli

If you sign up for their email list here, you can get 20% off you're first order!

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