5 Spring Wardrobe Basics with Everlane

Everlane sent us these clothes for review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

Today we are sharing with you 5 spring basics for your wardrobe. These pieces are perfect for transitioning from winter to spring. All items were provided to us by Everlane. If you've never heard of Everlane you can read more about their story here. We have been an admirer of the brand for quite some time, so we were thrilled to be able to work with them. 

Savannah and I have been in a place in our life where we have been rethinking our wardrobe and what we want our personal style to be. This may sound crazy, but it just occurred to me one day that you have to decide what your personal style is. It doesn't happen by chance. This may seem obvious but up until recently, I just assumed if I bought clothes I liked, then that was indicative of my personal style. That is true to a certain degree. What I found for myself is that I liked all types of clothing which is fine of course. But I often found it hard to get dressed and I didn't have pieces that went together very well. Getting dressed was a chore. We were both ready for a change.

We both decided we wanted our personal style to be classy, polished, and timeless. We realized that when we admired the way someone looked, they looked polished + put together. So now as we examine our wardrobes we are looking for holes. We aren't just out looking for random articles of clothing. We don't shop as a hobby. Shopping is intentional now. This has reduced spending and buying clothing that doesn't make sense in our wardrobe. Also thinking of buying clothes this way helps getting dressed much easier.

If you've ever watched What Not to Wear, then you'll know what I mean when I say that I look at a piece of clothing and say, "What would Stacy London say?" Over the weekend I was looking at a t-shirt that was cute but a little too youthful for me. And I turned to Savannah and said, "Stacy London would not approve of this." The t-shirt was cute and fun but it did not fill a void in my wardrobe and it did not fit into my classy + timeless personal style I was going for. So I walked away. 

As we move into spring and looking at buying new pieces, I find myself asking these questions a lot. Is this classy? Does the fit my person style? Do I really need this? What I love about Everlane is that their clothing is classy and fits my personal style. Because they sell elevated basics, their clothing suits most peoples' styles. 

On top of selling beautiful clothing that fit most personal styles, their clothing is made ethically + affordably. I also love their transparent business model. You know exactly where your clothes are made and how much it cost to make your clothes. They lay it all out there. You can read more about their ethical standards + transparency here

Their jeans are my favorite jeans to date, and they are only 68 dollars. Can you believe that? Quality denim that is ethically made that cost way under $100?! That's unheard of. Their denim is made in the world's cleanest denim factory using 98% recycled water, 85% air dried jeans, and sustainable bricks are made from their denim byproducts. Savannah and I both got the Authentic Stretch skinny jeans, but I got the mid rise and she got the high rise. We both really love how they fit. 

Here are our favorite items from Everlane that will help you transition from winter to spring and would a great choice for anyone's wardrobe. These are the items we are wearing in the pictures in this post:

1. Jeans- Casey's jeans- The Authentic Stretch Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in dark wash blue/ Savannah's jeans- The Authentic Stretch High Rise Skinny Jeans in dark wash blue.

2. Striped short sleeve tee - I've already worn this t-shirt several times since receiving it. Savannah also got one as well. There are so many different ways to style it. Right now I've been wearing it under a lightweight overcoat. This spring and summer I'll wear it with shorts and skirts. Adding different types of shoes and accessories will totally change this basic tee.

3. Long sleeve striped tee- Savannah got this shirt and has also worn this several times. This shirt will be just a versatile as the short sleeve version.

4. Oversized Silk button up- This is such a beautiful top that an easily be dressed up or down. I've been wearing it with my Everlane jeans and booties, and I could easily pair it with black skinny jeans and black boots to make this more dressy. So many options and this will be a piece that will stand the test of time.

5. The Perfect Bootie- Savannah and I have both been wearing the heck out of these. They are such a great classic bootie that goes with everything. The heel is the perfect height that is still comfortable to walk around in all day. I'd love to have these in black as well!

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