5 Steps For Healthy Hair

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of null. The opinions and text are all mine.

Some people are blessed with healthier hair than others. Savannah is one of those people. She can abuse her hair and you'd never know it. She has this thick and indestructible hair. Let's all take a minute to hate on her. I'm kidding. For those of us who aren't genetically blessed in the healthy hair department, there are steps we can take to have healthy hair! Today we are partnering with Pantene to bring you 5 steps to take towards healthier hair. It just takes a little more attention!

1. Trim consistently // There is a lot we can do to prevent split ends and damaged hair, but nothing will make the hair look healthier than a good trim. Getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks keeps your ends looking neat and prevents your hairstylist from having to take even more hair off if you wait too long.
2. Repair + Prevent// Ok so you've already damaged your hair. We get it. We don't always follow our own advice. Well I have so good news for your. Pantene has a new product called Intense Rescue Shots, imported from Brazil. This new formula contains Pantene's famous Pro-Vitamin B5, natural glycerin, and strengthening lipids which gives your hair flexibility to handle all the wear and tear you put on your hair. So it helps prevent damage and helps repair your hair when it is damaged. What I really liked about this product is that it washed cleanly and didn't leave my hair feeling weighed down.

Pantene's Intense Rescue Shots are easy to use. Just shampoo like normal and once a week use one shot in place of your conditioner. Apply generously from root to tip targeting areas that see the most damage, leave in for 30 seconds, and then rinse for 30 seconds. Don't over-rinse!
3. Wash less// I know some people swear that they have to wash their hair everyday. Trust me. I promise you don't. Start by washing your hair every other day, and it may be greasy at first. Stay strong. Your hair will adjust. Use dry shampoo to get you through these days. Savannah and I both only wash our hair once a week. You can do it! When you wash your hair everyday, you are stripping your hair of the natural oils it produces to keep your hair from drying out. So washing it everyday, you never get the benefit of those oils. The more you wash, the more oil your hair produces. I know it sounds crazy, but it's the truth.

4. Use less heat// Less heat = less damage. Let your hair air dry every once in a while. Sleep in braids to get a wave. There are a zillion no-heat hair curling options out there, so maybe commit to one day of no-heat styling. Anything you can do to limit the heat you put on your hair, the better.

5. Protect// If you do have to blow dry your hair or use a curling iron or straightening iron, your hair is getting damaged from the heat. Use a protectant spray to put a barrier between your hair and your hot tool.
So even if you are like us and you have excessively styled your hair over the years, you can still experience a great hair day! Just pick up some Pantene Intense Rescue Shots and start taking a little more care of your hair.

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