We are super excited to be doing this gigantic giveaway. You guys have 5 chances to win some really awesome stuff. Thanks so much to all these companies!

Bexcaliber is giving away an awesome geo modern pillow cover in navy. Check it out here!

Sacred & Profane is giving away two prints. Check out her facebook and blog!

Verve 360 hair salons in Pittsburgh is giving away two Zoya nail polishes.

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Rules for entry:
1) Follow our blog via blogger (not just twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc).
2) Leave a comment on this post and tell us how we can get in contact with you if you are a winner. Tell us something cool about yourself if you want :)
3) Only one comment per person. We will personally come to your house and punch you in the face if you comment more than one.

We will randomly select FIVE different winners. The first number we pick will get the first prize listed and so on. Word. Get excited ya'll! You could be a lucky winner.

The contest will run from Friday, June 29th to Friday, July 5th at midnight (central time). Good luck!


I heard about this band from someone I work with and he had seen them at Bonaroo. I checked out some of their music and this is probably my favorite song of theirs. It's one of those songs you lay on the beach to. And it's fun!


Let's just say... I've made a few friendship bracelets this summer. I'd say I'm an expert. When I get tired of making a certain one, I try to tweak it a little just to change it up! On this bracelet I doubled the string to make the bracelet way bigger. Needless to say, this is one that I did a few weeks ago and I love it! All you need is a pretty good amount of embroidery thread (or friendship thread/string), some tape and scissors.
To make this bracelet you will need choose six different colors and cut four strings of each. I cut mine about 3 feet long but that was almost too short. Better to have too much than too little.

Tie all of the strings into one knot about 3 inches from the end of the string. Separate the string. There should be one of each color on both sides and on each side there should be 2 strings of each color. Tape down the end of the string or use a clipboard.

Take the outside color group on the left side- in this case it's 2 strings of red- and make the shape of a "4" over the string right next to it (turquoise).

Take the end of the red string and put it under the turquoise string and through the space/hole that has been created.

Pull the end of the string all the way up the turquoise string and then tighten the knot. Create the same knot one more time on the same string. Then you move onto the green string and do the same thing.

Repeat on every string until you reach the middle.

You will do this whole thing again with the red string on the right side. The left side will be a little tricky because you do everything backwards which is explained in the next picture. When you reach the middle with the red string from the right side you will tie the same 2 knots onto the left red string. This is the last step for the red and then you move onto the next color- turquoise.

The knots you tie on the right side will look like this... a backwards "4".

Then pull the end through the hole and tighten at the top.

It should look something like this but in the beginning it's may look a little crazy.

This is what it looks like after I've done one of every color.

When the bracelet is as long as you want it to be, separate the left over string into three groups.

Braid the three groups and secure with a couple knots.

I went back and braided the top of the bracelet as well and this is the finished bracelet!

Love it! This bracelet would be cool with even just two colors. It would also be very confusing.


So today Fiona Apple released a new album and in honor of that here is a song from her new album.  However, my favorite Fiona Apple song is Paper Bag. The lyrics... sigh. "I know that I'm a mess he don't wanna clean up." Genius. 


So this is for all you Nashvillians out there. The trainer that Savannah and I workout with just opened his own studio and in honor of that he's having an amazing deal to bring in new customers. For $25/month you get one month unlimited access to the Spark bootcamp sessions. Let me tell you, they don't joke around at Fusion, and we highly recommend these classes. So if you are looking to get in shape and you're in Nashville, then you should give this a whirl.

**We were not paid to say this. You can believe that or not. Whatevs.**


This blog post does not fit in with the rest of our blog but I neeeeeeded to share this my peeps (that's you guys... duh). So maybe you're not old enough to remember the tv show, My So Called Life. Go watch it on Netflix immediately. Ok, I need to build up the video below, so you understand it's epic-ness. The show is about 15 year old, Angela Chase, and it's so angsty. At times watching the show is painful because it reminds me of all my teenage angst. The most painful parts involve a boy, Jordan Catalano. Oh Jordan Catalano. Oh Jordan. He's so dreamy :) His character represents every high school boy in America (and some 20 year old boys too). So Angela has been in love with Jordan since the beginning of the show. You watch her get her hopes up that he feels the same about her and then you watched her crushed several times because, well, Jordan is a teenage boy. Ugh. At this point in the show Angela and Jordan have started meeting in the boiler to make out during school. However, he doesn't want any of his friends to know. When she tries to talk to him at a party, he totally disses her. She is crushed, naturally. She later gives him a speech about how she's not gonna keep making out with him since he's too embarrassed to let his friends know they are a thing. Ok, so now you're caught up. Watch the video and have your heart melt with mine. 
I mean best. moment. ever. ever. ever. 
Now go watch the whole show to really appreciate how freakin amazing that moment really was. 

Did you watch this show? Does it bring back so many memories? Ahhh memmmmmmories...


I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet loves U2, and maybe you already know this U2 song. Somehow I've been missing out on this song for 8 years. Savannah played this song and I had to download it immediately. This song is apparently about his dad so this very appropriate for Father's Day just around the corner. Dear Bono, can we be friends? Because sometimes you really can't make it on your own, so let's join forces. Ok? Have your people call my people and we'll make it happen. Awesome. Look forward to hearing from you. These are 2 different version:

On another U2 note, does anyone else think of Ross & Rachel when they hear With or Without You? No. Yeah, me neither. 


Casey's wearing:
Dress- TJ Maxx
Wedges- Franco Sarto
Watch- Michael Kors 
(most boring what Casey's wearing ever)
P.S. I hate these pictures. 
Savannah's wearing
Sandals- Forever 21
Necklace- Forever 21
Top- Forever 21
Skirt- LC by Lauren Conrad
Sunglasses- Earthbound Trading Company
Bracelets- (gold) F21, (woven) Earthbound Trading Company
Nail polish- (toes) Turquoise & Caicos, (nails) American Apparel


Whether you are trying to channel your inner Blair Waldorf or you just plain love bows, here are eight ways to pull off a bow in your hair. I love the ribbons tied into floppy bows- they remind me of my childhood. Don't know if that's a look I should be going for but hey, I dig it!

1. Pin your bangs/ bangs area up and to the side with a little bow clip.
2. Put a big bow behind your high bun.
3. Tie a ribbon into a bow around your high pony. FAVE.
4. Pin the top half of your hair up with a bow clip.
5. Low half up half down secured with a bow.
6. Side pony secured with a bow.
7. Tie a ribbon into a floppy bow at the bottom of a side braid.
8. Tie a head scarf into a bow around your head- like a headband!


Excuse this absolutely ridiculous video. This was the only non-live version of this song we could find. Our friend Melissa introduced us to this band and we totally dig this song.


So we've seen these nails around the internet so I had to try them out. I can't lie I was definitely hesitant to paint my nails like this and then wear them like it was normal but.. I did it anyways. I think it's super fun to have multiple colors on your nails but most of the time I just felt like two of my fingers were on the wrong hand. I did get some compliments on my mani though. So what do you think? Would you wear two different nail colors like this? Me? I'm still a little hesitant to try this again. Let us know what you think!