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The other day someone asked me, "When you wake up in the morning, what is the one thing you want to do, every day?" And almost immediately my response was "make something." I pondered that question for a few minutes but then I realized that that was actually the right answer for me. That's what I love to do- make, design, create. And I do as much of that as I can. If I have a moment of free time, I make something. Not because I have to, but because that is genuinely what I desire to do. If any of you know my personally, you are probably thinking, "Duh Savannah! This is old news." But let me explain.

Ever since I have been able to have a job, I have had one. I couldn't wait to have a job when I was 15. And since then, I've worked numerous jobs. I worked full-time, I worked part-time. I worked for big companies and small companies. I worked for companies I believed in and companies that I can't believe I supported. I worked for people that loved their employees and for people who made me question the good in this world. My point is, I've worked a lot of jobs. And in all of these jobs, no matter how fun or terrible, I always felt no purpose. So when I was bored with one job, I'd move on to something else hoping to find something that would fit better. Something that would feel right. And it wasn't until very recently that I realized that all these years I have been searching and searching for something that I would never find. You see, I had been searching for a job that would give me purpose, instead of praying for what I am purposed for. I was searching for meaning instead of seeking what I was meant for.

I know I like to make things, that is a given. But, it wasn't until I heard myself answer this question, that I realized, making things is a real thing. God is THE Creator, THE Maker. If I am seeking to be like God, why wouldn't I make things? Now here I am, quarter-life crisis style, numerous failed job interviews later and thinking... how long has God been trying to tell me exactly what I already knew? How long have I been focused on my circumstances so much that I forgot the One who has been right by my side all along? God didn't bless me with a desire to be creative just so I could answer phones or fold t-shirts all day. He gave me that desire so that I would do it and rejoice!

After lots of prayer, and failure, I have always come back to the same place. God doesn't have me working a full-time job with benefits because He wants me to create. And He has promised to take care of the rest. I can get all caught up in the fact that I don't have insurance or that I won't know exactly how much money I will be making, or if I'll be able to buy groceries this week, much less keep the blog going. But it has very recently been clarified that I am to trust Him on this one.

So, in the past few weeks, I have been in straight creation mode. My love for making things is fired up once again and it just feels so right. I started making lots of kimonos and jewelry, I put them in the Etsy Shop and already, people are buying stuff. A work of the Lord? hmm... I decided to start a crowd fund. You can put some things together from this post and know that I am in no financial situation to start a business. But I figured, if I could just raise $750, I could purchase all the fabric and supplies I would need to get the shop started properly. The goal is for the Etsy shop to be a main source of income for me and I totally believe that is possible, even if it isn't where I am right now.

If you'd like to donate to supply the Etsy Shop you can here- CROWDTILT.
If you'd like to view the Etsy shop you can here- ETSY SHOP.
Thanks for reading!
xo, Savannah

the oregano oil incident

Okay. If you know anything about oregano oil, disregard it during this post. Just so you can understand how this all went down.

So a few months ago, Casey was telling me all about oregano oil. She had read about it on the internet (where else do you get new information?) and it was apparently this miracle substance. Basically what I heard was that you drop some oregano oil in your mouth and you'll never be sick again. Sounds pretty good! She ordered some and when it finally came in, she realized she had bought the topical kind, not the kind you can ingest. So she re-purchased the right kind. And now we would have 4 bottles of oregano oil. And that would be fine because certainly we would use it all over time... mmm mmm mmm. If only I knew then what I know now.
When the second round of oregano oil came in we were pretty eager to try it. WHY??? Casey goes first. Two drops under the tongue. Her face... oh her face. I could tell it wasn't the most pleasant thing she had ever tasted. She may have even said something about how strong it was. Duh, it's concentrated oregano people. What did we think it was going to taste like? She proceeds to tell me to try it and of course I'm hesitant because of everything she just went through. But I figured that I could handle the intensity for a couple of minutes if it meant all these health benefits. Two drops under the tongue. It was okay, and then it wasn't.

SO. MUCH. OREGANO. It just started to spread further and further throughout my mouth and soon it felt like oregano was taking over my body. It was almost minty. But not the good kind of minty. Like a terrible terrible oregano mint. I think we drank lots of water to try to get rid of the taste but it took a while for it to go away. And then I had heartburn for the rest of the day. Terrible terrible heartburn. But, I must say, Casey's heart was totally fine. She told me that she had read that it caused heartburn in some folks. Thank you for that information, a little late. So we decided to give the oregano oil a break. I know right? Short lived. You'll soon find out that that is a common theme with Cavannah (Casey + Savannah.)

Well about a week or two ago, wheels started turning. You see, I have been having a hormonal acne problem. TMI? I thought, if oregano oil is so awesome and it's antiviral and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and antibiotic and antifungal and apparently anti-everything bad, maybe I could put it on my face and it'd help it out. So I ran the idea by Casey and without hesitation she basically said it made sense. Because oregano oil is anti-bacterial. So, without hesitation, I went to wash my face. I think that it is safe to say that if Cavannah agrees so easily on something, we need to take a step back and do more thinking and more research. Just to be sure. So I washed my face, everything was great. I got my oregano oil out, couldn't tell you if it was the topical kind or the kind you ingest but I don't really think it mattered at this point. I dropped some in the palm of my hand and started applying it all over my face. I made sure every inch was covered. I will also add that my face now smelled like a pizza. That just ain't right. So I was moving on to the moisturizing part of the face washing ceremony and I felt like my face was tingling a little. Just a little. I started applying moisturizer and it intensified the tingling. So naturally I started telling Casey that it was burning a little. She brushed it off and headed to bed and within seconds, I was screaming. Well, maybe it was more of a yell. At that point, I hadn't reached my most dramatic self. It was reeeeallly burning. Like someone had set my face on fire. So Casey ran into the bathroom and she's just like ehhhhh... because let's be honest, there was really nothing she could do. But I just needed her to fix it.

She had an idea for me to use her plain face cream to soothe it. She brought it to me and I scooped almost a handful out and started piling it on my face. The layer must have been 1/4 inch thick. BAM. Most dramatic self enters now. It made it worse! I mean I have never in my life experienced the pain that was happening on my face. I was just yelling. Just yelling. Making no sense. Making no progress, not trying to find solutions. Just yelling. And of course Casey was laughing hysterically while trying to be nice at the same time. Heck, I was laughing. Because this was such a Cavannah moment. I looked in the mirror and my face was more red than it has ever been. I was almost crying. So I plop down in front of the bathtub, turn the water on and start pouring water on my face. I was rinsing my face off for a while but, it finally started to stop burning. And when the pain had gone, there I was, sitting on the bathroom floor, soaking wet, with Casey standing over me. This was a very "smh" moment. (That is, shaking my head.) So much laughter and relief. Then I realized that it was very likely that my face would look crazy in the morning. Because let's be honest, I had just given myself and accidental chemical peel of some sort.

The next morning, my face was fine. And the next morning after that, my skin looked better than it had in a long time. So even though it was a very painful experience that I wish to never experience again, there is certainly something good about this oregano oil stuff. Since this incident, I have realized that it is actually okay to use oregano oil on your face, just not by itself. Now if I use it, I will mix it with Coconut Oil. But I must say that when it is mixed, it doesn't have the same dramatic effect. But I've also realized that it works just as well as lavender oil except lavender oil smells better on your face. And I will choose flower face over pizza face any day.

xo, Savannah

p.s. Please, please tell me that one of you has had a similar experience!

happiness is overrated

I've had many a discussion about happiness with believers and non-believers. Both groups of people often don't like what I have to say about happiness. You see, I believe that the Bible and Jesus' teachings do not point us to happiness as an end goal for life. Happiness isn't the point. I see so many sayings posted around the internet that tell us to drop everything and everyone that doesn't make us happy, or to pursue only the things that make us happy. Bleh. Think that one through for a moment. What if killing puppies makes me happy? Or stealing from an old lady? Obviously these are extreme examples but, there are bad things that make people happy. We have to take that into consideration when telling people to pursue happiness.

Also, no one will continually make you happy. That's an impossible task to give someone. We will also never be able to make ourselves happy, so are we to abandon ourselves? The problem with hapiness is that it is an emotion and like all emotions, it is fleeting. As quickly as anger can come and go, so can happiness. We cannot base our lives on something fleeting.

The good news is that we are not doomed to live miserable lives. Jesus wants us to have something much better than happiness. He wants us to have joy and peace. Joy can exist in the midst of chaos and turmoil where happiness cannot. Joy is not fleeting. Joy is eternal because it is rooted in Christ. Happiness is me-centered where joy is kingdom-centered.

Just look at a few of these verses and you will notice a common theme. Joy is not centered around things that really make sense in this world. James tell us to count it pure joy whenever we face trials. That doesn't make sense outside of the light of Christ. You'll also notice in these verses that joy is never centered around self.

Coming to the realization that happiness isn't the goal of our lives may be a tough pill to swallow for some. However, when you start pursuing Christ, and therefore joy, you will find freedom. That is a 100% money back guarantee. I feel like a broken record but, nothing else matters when Christ is the ruler of our lives. I think I have to say that so much in these posts because I probably need that message more than you do.

Remember, happiness is fleeting. Joy is forever.

Much love,

regarding the garden: fingers crossed

 photo 1c8ac4ee-b17f-4df5-a9d7-23a8b40cc5bf_zpsb849212a.jpg photo 5607d644-89cc-4231-b657-b7827169f481_zpsf555aa48.jpg photo b823437d-af0d-481f-9109-d7c5499459d0_zps2bce78c2.jpg photo 7de22cb6-10f0-4aec-9abe-515f6fc629f0_zpsd5aa6078.jpg
So here is our garden. I think we are a little in over our heads. We have 4 garden beds that are 4ft x 12ft. We have 16 tomato plants for crying out loud! So, in our garden beds we are growing:

sweet potatoes
romaine lettuce
iceburg lettuce
mustard greens
green beans
ground cherries
corn (to be planted)

Whew. I'm not gonna lie to ya- it's been a lot of work and it's not been the cheapest project. Honestly, I'm not sure if the veggies we will yield will off set the cost. However, next year we won't have to buy as much of the starter supplies. We had 3 garden beds last year but they were half the size of the current ones and not as deep, so we redid those. At the end of the vegetable garden beds we have flowers planted. For the flower beds we just planted seeds, so we'll see what happens with that. We also have 8 rose bushes. I could probably do a whole post on that, and one day I shall.

I definitely think growing your own food is worth it though. There is nothing more satisfying than going out to your garden and picking a vegetable and eating it. The taste is significantly better and you know exactly where it came form. Also, there is always something new to learn with gardening. This is just our second year growing food and I feel like I know nothing. There are so many different ways you can save yourself time and money, and we're still trying to figure all that out. We knew absolutely nothing last year and had pretty good success. I am super excited to see how everything turns out!


from our closets

 photo 533534e4-4422-438b-bce6-84c209bfbe76_zps8f1b2c51.jpg
 photo 51e9df27-1277-4855-8b73-0c0518411e03_zps6d95a56e.jpg
 photo 7ae6f465-b1fe-476f-91db-c473080f6bca_zps67cca18f.jpg
Savannah's wearing: Top-Instagram// Dreamcatcher Necklace-Target// Skirt, Short Necklace and Shoes-Forever 21// Jean Jacket-Kohl's

Now we haven't really talked about our clothing ventures this year. Well, not on our blog at least. So now I will tell you what is going on. Basically, we want to know where our clothing comes from. We have vowed to purchase only things that were made ethically, made in America, or used clothing. I will not say that we have 1000% stuck to this but we have sure tried. For example, I have been searching for a pair of sandals because I literally have zero sandals. I got rid of every last pair. I finally decided that I was going to purchase these sandals that were a little out of my price range but definitely made ethically. And then I found out that they were out of stock until June 15. Guess what? I cannot wait until June 15 for sandals. I know they are something that I literally do not need, and that I can survive without them. But I confess, I ended up buying some sandals... and I don't know where they came from. It's warm out, my feet are hot, and I now own a pair of unethically made (I think) sandals.
 photo cc682dfa-7121-4d70-b95a-10c91e871dc4_zpsac9be472.jpg
 photo 1678be50-edb0-41c5-981d-c20b73262e7c_zps48b97b7f.jpg photo f777810d-a1a4-4e51-bf9d-52bd55be9d83_zps583a8813.jpg
Casey's wearing: Dress-H&M// Shoes-Old Navy

So all that to say, even with our new blog situation and life ventures, we will keep on doing outfit posts. Doing outfit posts is a way that we express our style and creativity. And we aren't trying to get you to go buy the things we are wearing because even if we were, you probably couldn't find exactly what we are wearing. These days, most of our clothes come from a thrift store or a re-sell shop or we make them. So we will continue to tell you were each item came from but please don't feel like we are pushing these brands on you. If we say what the brand is, chances are we purchased that item previous to this year. We just want to show people that you can have your own style even though you aren't spending a lot of money or buying brand name clothing. Although we don't look down on people who do. This is just how we are doing it now!

xo, Savannah


Y'all we are OBSESSED with a new app called Mextures (no one has paid us to say any of these things. this comes from the <3). The app allows you edit pictures and they have so many different options. If you follow us on instagram you may be annoyed with the amount of nature pictures posted that have been edited with mextures.  Sorry not sorry :/

Here are a few of our favorites:
                   photo OhSoPrettyRosesSocialMedia-Facebook_zps7c9373da.jpg  photo OhSoPrettyRosesSocialMedia-Twitter_zpse7edb7c4.jpg  photo OhSoPrettyRosesSocialMedia-Pinterest_zps8c310b31.jpg  photo OhSoPrettyRosesSocialMedia-Instagram_zpsc24b3e2b.jpg  photo OhSoPrettyRosesSocialMedia-YouTube_zps63a217eb.jpg  photo OhSoPrettyRosesSocialMedia-Tumblr_zpsbb0165a3.jpg