Where To Buy A Stock Tank Pool

If you look at any of our stock tank pool pictures on our Instagram account or our Instagram account dedicated to stock tank pools, you will notice this is the question we get asked the most. Where can I buy a stock tank? And I get it, if you aren't a farmer, or this idea is new to you, you have NO IDEA where they come from. So we figured we'd write a post all about it to help you find one where you live. Because it largely depends on where you live.

From what we've found online, you cannot have a stock tank shipped to you. Unless you get a plastic one. They'll ship those. But if you want the galvanized metal stock tank, you'll have to find one in person. You may find someone local to you who might deliver for you, but for the most part, you need a truck or a trailer.

When we were looking to buy our stock tank, we were trying to find a place to buy a 10ft stock tank pool. But the biggest one we could find in person is an 8 ft stock tank pool. We could find a 10ft online but as you can imagine, no one delivers such a large item. But we know they exist! In general, you will be able to find a store that has the 8 ft. ones in stock, or who are able to order one for you.

Okay, so what stores can you search for a stock tank in?

Tractor Supply
This is probably the most widespread store and where most people get their stock tanks.

This is where we got our stock tank pool and I just discovered today that these stores are only in the south, with most of their locations in Tennessee. But likely you're state has a similar type of store.

Rural King
They have 110 stores in 13 states - their locations are concentrated in the south and mid east.

True Value
From our internet search we could only find that they sold a 6ft stock tank pool, but maybe that's the size you want. Or maybe yours has an 8ft stock tank. Definitely worth giving them a call if this is your most convenient option.

Maybe you'll luck out and find someone selling these on Craigslist. I will say, be on the lookout for rust and leaks when buying a stock tank. You do not want to start out with those kinds of problems.

Farm Supply Stores
Like the Co-Op mentioned above, each state probably has something similar. If you live in a big city, you're gonna have to do a little thinking. Where are the nearest farming areas to you? Google is your friend- so just look up closest farm supply stores. Also, small enough stores might not even have websites, so don't hesitate to give them a call before you head there.

Because stock tanks are used to provide water for farm animals, you are looking for places that sell that type of equipment. So if you live in a big city, you will have a harder time coming by one of these or you'll have to drive out of town to get one.

Once you've purchased your stock tank pool watch the video below on how to install one.

Click here for how to clean your stock tank pool
Click here for how to drain your stock tank pool

9 Tie-Dye Projects & Techniques

Since everyone has a lot more free time these days, it seems people are taking an interest in crafts and DIY projects. Who can blame them? We noticed that a blog post about tie-dyeing from 2014 was trending on our blog which inspired this round up. We give the people what they want! 

We went through a phase years ago where we dyed and tie-dyed literally everything. We loved it. As the years went on we started using less color in our dye projects and even started a clothing company where we hand-dyed all of our pieces.

We said goodbye to our clothing business a few years ago and packed up our many, MANY, dye supplies. So we have been surprised to see how dyeing things has come back in style again. Who would've thought?

We figured we'd bring all of our posts together in one spot so you can explore the many ways to dye your clothes and such! See below.

Supplies you may need:
(these are affiliate links)

- Dye
- Rubber Bands

2. Circular Tie-dye

4. Dyeing with coffee

5. Bleach Dip dye

6. Subtle pattern dip dye

7. Ombre dip dye (Follow this tutorial without the glue)

8. Tie-dye look with Sharpies

What's awesome about several of these DIYs is that you can use stuff you have laying around the house. If you don't have dye, use coffee or use bleach to reverse dye. This is really nice since we can't all just easily run out to the store and get supplies. Since you are stuck at home, you might as well make something! 

Thanks for stopping by :) 

48 Hours In Memphis Travel Guide

I've lived in Nashville for 9 years now and every time I drive back to Texas, I drive through Memphis. But I've never spent any time there! And it's been over 10 years since Casey last visited. That is, until this week. We didn't have any expectations and had a fun couple of days running around exploring the city. Let's talk about the things worth checking out!

First off, where should you stay? ARRIVE Memphis, hands down. We loved our time at this beautiful hotel! There was definitely a vibe going on. We arrived on a rainy day, but felt so cozy in the room. Every little detail was thought about when this hotel was created.

I mean, can't you see what I'm talking about?

If you decide you'd like to experience this cute place while in Memphis, you can get $50 off a 2 night stay by booking through our link here!

And besides the room, the lobby/bar area is impeccably decorated. In this space they have a coffee/cafe called Hustle and Dough and a bar called Bar Hustle. I had some delicious bread and pastries and of course, Casey had her coffee both days we were there. So definitely don't skip out on these places!

The National Civil Rights Museum. This is joined with the old Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr was shot and I highly recommend visiting here. Yes, the subject is heavy but the information is displayed in a way that truly honors the Civil Rights movement. You don't leave feeling sad for Martin. You leave feeling inspired. He was one man who walked in the will of God and left a legacy we can all aspire to. Some of the information is hard to take in because horrible things happened, but they did happen. It is crucial to be knowledgable of our nation's past and see its effects so that we can learn from our mistakes. MLK Jr's story and the Civil Rights movement are important. We learned so much from our visit here and I highly recommend stopping by if you are in Memphis.

This is the exact place where MLK Jr. was shot. Right behind the wreath.

Broad Avenue Arts District. We went to this area to eat some breakfast on our way out so we made sure to check out the area. There are also some fun murals on buildings.

We stopped in at Arrow Creative and Falling Into Place, both cute places for gifts and little Memphis memorabilia.

I know this must be what you've really been waiting for. On this trip we talked about how really when you travel to other cities, you really want to eat a bunch of good food. We did not make it to a BBQ restaurant as it was hard to find a place that accommodated celiacs. However, we found plenty more great things!

First off, dios mio, Longshot. It's a bar that has way above average food and lots of shuffleboard. We even tried our hand at the game, but it didn't last long. We weren't that great, but it was fun to try it out. They make their own sausages (we got one without bread) and have tons of sharable options. We got queso and onion dip and nothing disappointed. Oh and we both got a specialty cocktail- just go here. It's a whole experience worth having.

Bedrock is a fully gluten-free restaurant, but it's waffle selection makes it great for any person who loves breakfast. They have 20+ varieties of waffles! Casey was in heaven. I went the savory route and got a sausage and gravy waffle, while Casey followed her sweet tooth to a creme brulee waffle. She brought home a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit that was as big as your head. Fully worth it even if you aren't a celiac.

The Liquor Store. This place had a great basic breakfast, but let's be honest, we came for the decor!

This was a fun little trip and we can now say that we recommend Memphis as a place to visit. Especially if you live nearby! We love taking little trips that are in driving distance from Nashville and this is the perfect place for that. If you decided to check it out, don't forget that you can get $50 off 2 nights at ARRIVE Memphis if you book through our link. Happy travels!

10 Cozy Cabins For A Weekend Getaway From Nashville

We spent the past few days in a cute little cabin. The purpose was to chill. That's it. We needed a change of scenery and a space to not worry about literally anything. It was glorious. When we left, I couldn't help but think that not only should people go stay in the cabin we stayed in, but also that we all need more trips/time like this.

We found our perfect little cabin on Airbnb. If you don't know already, we are huge fans. We've stayed in Airbnbs all over the world! You can always find something cute, in your price range, and probably exactly where you want to go.

If you haven't tried or signed up for Airbnb, use our code by clicking here to get $55 OFF your first stay.
For this trip, we weren't looking at one particular area. We just knew we wanted to go outside of Nashville, possibly be able to hike nearby, and we wanted that cozy cabin feeling. Isn't that you want in the dead of winter? Coziness? Well we found TONS of great spots. And we figured since we did the research, we might as well share them with you! So when you need a cozy place to embrace those winter blues, these 10 spots will surely do the trick.

1. Honeymoon Cabin
2. Listen To Nature At Secluded Cabin
3. Sulfur Ridge- Tennessee's First Luxury Treehouse
4. Dreamy Tiny House Cottage
5. The Nest
6. Serenity House
7. Cozy Retreat + Wood Fire Pizza Oven
8. The Barn At Flat Ridge Farm
9. Treehouse Mountain Retreat
10. Creekside Cabin At Shady Grove Farm

If you book a stay at Creekside Cabin like we did, you will have plenty of nature-y things to do! We went on a hike at Frozen Head State Park. It was literally FROZEN. When we headed out on our hike it was in the low 20s. We were a bit cold, but it was still beautiful. We hiked to the falls via the Panther Branch Trailhead and then Emory Gap Trail. The falls were still flowing but there were massive icicles and ice creations everywhere along the water. It was awesome to see the falls in this state.

We also went to the Lily Bluff Overlook which was beautiful even though it's the dead of winter. We were the ONLY people there. The color of the water is almost unreal!

Another benefit of Airbnb is that you can find houses that allow your dogs to come with you! That is always a plus for us when we are traveling in driving distance. Just put on the "pets allowed filter" when searching.

And for the rest of our trip, we just hung out and read, watched a couple movies, cuddled with the dogs, and ate food that we cooked. It was calm and just what we needed. If you are looking for a trip like this, I hope this post helps! We have included listings at all prices in many different areas. Don't forget to sign up through our link to get $55 off your first stay with Airbnb! Happy travels!

DIY Simple Bathroom Towel Caddy & Shelf

We have a problem. Well, a few problems. 1- Our bathroom is TEE tiny. 2- Everything we use on a daily basis sits on our tiny sink and it all falls into the sink. And it looks messy. And 3- Washcloths don't have a place and they end up on the floor. So I finally decided to do something about all these problems. Custom shelves!

If you missed our tiny bathroom renovation, check it out here first! It starts with our ceiling falling out- so it's a dramatic before and after!

For this project I am using 1x6 fence panels. You can use wood with a smaller width if you need to.
Wood Cuts To Make:
- 4 pieces of 10"x1"x6"
- 4 pieces of 26"x1"x6"
- 3 pieces of 14.5"x1"x3"
- 1 piece of 26"x1"x6"
- 1 piece of 26"x1"x3"

You will also need:
- 1 1/2 inch screws
- drill
- Hammer
- Finishing Nails
- Sander and/or Sand Paper
- Paint

To start, start the screws in each of the four corners on the long pieces. This makes it easier to put the shelf together by yourself.

 Then, line up the long piece with the end of a short piece and screw the nails in to secure.

 Repeat on all four corners and both long pieces until you have a rectangular shape.

Place one of the 1"x3" pieces inside the shelf and move it to the very top. Secure with screws from the outside pieces and the top piece. This will be the piece you use to hang the shelves.

Take one of the long pieces and place it on the front bottom of one of the shelves. This will create a deep caddy to hold things like dirty hand towels and wash cloth.

On the other shelf, place one of the 1"x3" pieces below the other, but flip it so it is "standing" up. This will create a little shelf for smaller things like contact cases, glasses, retainers, etc... Again, secure with screws from the outside.

Sand all edges and sides before painting.

The paint will make everything look amazing!

I even went as far as caulking the creases to make it look even nicer.

To hang, drill two holes through through the inside piece where there are studs on your wall. If you can't find the studs, or they aren't in a place where the shelf overlaps, you can use dry wall screws. I attached one side of the shelf to the wall, placed a level on top and made sure the entire thing was level, and then screwed in the other screw.

To see more of the process on video, head over to our Instagram and check out our highlight labeled "CADDY".

We are so pleased with the results! Our makeup eraser towels and wash cloths have a home. Our Clarisonic and electric toothbrushes are ready to be used everyday, but there is also a space for them to charge. Our glasses and Smilelove retainers are right by the sink where they need to be, but not ON the sink. Hallelujah!! If you make a shelf like this, share it with us over on on Instagram!