diy: spray painted pots

A couple months ago, I started a succulent farm. It's been extremely interesting and I can't wait to share that journey with you. But, in the beginning, I got really excited about it all and I realized that I would need pots for the little guys I was growing. Little did I realize, it'd be a good amount of time before they needed to be in these big guys. Needless to say, I gathered some pots and decided to give them a nice little spray paint job to fancy 'em up real good.

I'm going to show you three different techniques I used. I ended up altering each technique a little each time to get different results on different pots. Feel free to use different shapes and different patterns to make each technique your own.
For this technique, I just drew a triangle onto some card stock and used an exacto knife to cut the shape out.
I then placed the stencil over the pot in the correct place....
And lightly sprayed over the stencil. It's best to do a couple thin layers so that the paint doesn't start running down the pot.
It should look a little something like this.
This technique is probably the one with the least effort, yet it ends up looking pretty great! First, I just randomly placed washi tape all over the pot.
I sprayed the pot.
...and removed the tape while the paint was still a little damp.
For this technique, I just grabbed some twine and started wrapping it all over the pot. It is helpful if you tie a knot in the first loop. Then just wrap away in a haphazard fashion.
Spray paint the pot.
Remove the string while that paint is still damp.
The great thing about all of these techniques is that they take such little time while really updating and personalizing an otherwise plain pot. I know plain pots have their place in this world, but just look at all those precious ones up there. Love!

xo, Savannah

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