diy: marbled tube necklace

I’ve been marbling up a storm recently. I love the randomness of the pattern and organic nature of the shapes and it works so well in interior design, jewellery and accessories. Check out my Etsy post for marbled Christmas crackers (get a head start on next year?) and my black and white marbled gemstone necklace. For this post I have been inspired by tube beads and wanted to make my own from polymer clay. And would I pass up the chance of a little marbling now?
You will need:
Polymer Clay
A Chain
Drinking Straw

1. Roll the polymer clay into sausages. Make the accent color sausage smaller than the main colour.
2. Mix them together rolling into a ball and stretching out again. Repeat until you’ve got a marbled pattern.
3. Roll flat and wrap around your straw. Try to keep it evenly spread and work around the straw until you’re happy with the results.

4. Pop your clay and straw into the freezer for half an hour. When you take it out pull firmly off the straw. The cold clay should keep its shape. Be careful not the squash it down.
5. Bend your tube into shape and heat in a low oven for half an hour.
6. Once the tubes are cooled cut the ends with a scalpel knife to give a clean edge.
7. Thread a chain through the bead.
Contributor Post by: Fran

diy: knotted crochet headband

 photo DSC_1407_zpsf06145bf.jpg
Casey and I had a little moment of trying to crochet anything and everything. This is definitely one of the better products of our labor. :) That's probably because it's so simple. This is a very basic pattern so if you are a beginner at crocheting, this post is for you!
 photo DSC_1385_zpsb942a0cf.jpg
Knotted Crochet Headband Pattern
Hook size: J/6mm

1. Start- chain (ch) 15
2. R1-R40: single crochet (sc) in second stitch away from needle, ch 1, turn.
3. Repeat the same row until the length fits around your head. Allow for some stretch.
4. Tie off end.
5. Create knot- ch 7.
6. R1-R8: sc in second stitch from needle, ch 1.
7. Slip stitch (sl st) ends together.
8. Slide knot onto headband.
9. Slip stitch headband ends together.
 photo DSC_1406_zpsc29a72dc.jpg
And there you have it. Your very own crocheted headband! Perfect for warming your ears in this cold weather.

xo, Savannah

diy: braided headband (free pattern!)

Just because it's winter doesn't mean your accessories have to be dreary. I love this knit braided headband because it keeps my ears nice and toasty whether I'm wearing my hair up or down. Even though this headband might look a little involved to a knitter who's just starting out, I promise that once you get the hang of using a cable needle, this pattern is a breeze. 
You will need:
- 1 skein of worsted weight yarn
- Size US 9 needles
- Cable needle
- Darning needle

1. Cast on 34 stitches 
2. Purl 3 rows
3. P2, K30, P2
4. Purl 1 row
5. Repeat rows 3 and 4 six times, ending with a purl row
6. Cable twist row: Purl 2. Slide the next 15 stitches onto your cable needle, holding in front. Knit 15 stitches from your left needle, then knit the 15 on the cable needle. Purl 2 from the left needle. 
7. Purl 1 row
8. Rep rows 3 - 7 (ending having worked a purl row) until the headband fits snugly around your head.
9. Purl 3 rows
10. Cast off
11. Sew purled ends together
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Contributor Post by: Hannah